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July 4, 1776 — June 26, 2015


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A special message from Faith Comes By Hearing:

The Proclaimer®
The Proclaimer® is powered by either solar energy or a hand crank and has the entire New Testament stored on a microchip.

Audio Bibles Minister Hope in Haiti

Right now, Haitians are afraid to go inside whatever is left of their homes. They are fearful of aftershocks or further collapse. Masses of people are sitting outside, on the curbs and under homemade shelters.

Imagine the change in atmosphere if God's Word is there, playing in their language, reminding them that God is with them.

The Proclaimer® is a rugged, self-powered audio Bible that can broadcast the New Testament in the jungle, desert, or even on the moon! For $157, one Haitian Creole Proclaimer® can produce enough comforting decibels of Gospel to be clearly heard by 300 homeless and injured people.

Donate now so we can turn this tragedy into an opportunity to release Haiti from the bonds of Voodoo and its Satanic pact.

Link to this.

SECULARISM ALERT: Obama Not Sworn In Using A Bible

Jan. 21, 2009 — During the televised inauguration on Tuesday, much was made of Mr. Obama taking the Oath of Office using the Bible that President Lincoln used during his inauguration. This was done to stifle fears that Mr. Obama's supposed Christian faith was merely a calculated ruse to hide his Muslim-Atheist leanings. However, things were not as they seemed.

Mr. Obama, who is known for his oratory skill, managed to befuddle Chief Justice John Roberts by "accidentally" interrupting him before he could finish saying the opening line. This caused the Oath to be recited incorrectly by both Chief Justice Roberts and Mr. Obama, meaning that Mr. Obama was not officially sworn in that day. Instead, the official swearing-in ceremony was conducted in near-secrecy the next night (Jan. 21) in the White House Map Room. Only this time, Mr. Obama did not use a Bible! According to the AP article: "The president said he did not have his Bible with him, but that the oath was binding anyway."

While directives for the use of a Bible are neglected in the Constitution, all presidents since George Washington have been sworn in on the Word of God. Mr. Obama, by not using a Bible, has become the first Atheist President. Thus we begin slouching towards Secularism.

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CHRISTIAN PERSECUTION ALERT: Atheists Persecuting Military Christians

Sept 27, 2007 — OBJECTIVE: Ministry's resident retired military expert Jack Holgroth has alerted us to a distressing new act of anti-Christian persecution happening right now in our own military:

Major Freddy Welborn, warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ currently serving with the 3rd Infantry Division Civil Military Operations (Governance) in Baghdad Iraq, is being persecuted by Atheists who have filed a frivolous lawsuit against him. The lawsuit seeks to keep Major Welborn from freely practicing his religious calling to preach the Gospel of God to service men and women in Iraq -- including so-called "Atheists" holding "meetings" on government property.

We don't need our brave Christian soldiers worrying about their assets being seized by Atheist lawyers back home while fighting on the front line. This vexatious distraction will only cost lives and help the terrorists win. I know I and my fellow Christian game theoreticians at the DoD didn't help defeat the Godless Soviets just so Atheist fifth-columnists could undo all our hard-won religious freedoms! I urge all Christians to write their representative and demand that emergency legislation be swiftly enacted to protect Christians in uniform from religious persecution via the courts.

For more on this topic, see Jack's newest OBJECTIVE: Confronting Militant Atheism.

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Christian Activism:


REAL-TIME conversions — Watch souls being saved LIVE — Now in 3D with Google Earth
  • Christian Anti-Defamation Commission - Christian bashing, the last acceptable form of bigotry in America, is alive and well and growing more intense and hysterical by the day. The CADC will create a "rapid response" team and public relations campaigns to answer the egregious injustice and double standards used against Christians and respond in the media to attacks by any individual person or groups of persons, institutions, or nations that defame and/or discriminate against Christ, Christianity, the Holy Bible, Christian churches and institutions, Christian individuals, and Christian leaders.
  • The Chalcedon Foundation - Exposing the bankruptcy of all non-Christian (and alleged but compromising Christian) systems of thought and practices and dedicated to providing the tools for rebuilding this Christian civilization with a devotion to maximum individual freedom under God's law.
  • Pray For France - Currently, France is 99% unsaved, with a shocking 30% afflicted with full-blown Atheism! Rampant secularization has created this situation in what should be a Godly country. But the French Revival is imminent with our help -- through Prayer! (Also consider purchasing a "God Bless France" bumper-sticker to get the Word out.)
  • OBJECTIF: France -- French language site organizing prayer for France.

Christian Politics

  • The Foundation For Moral Law - The official website and organization of former Alabama Chief Justice and Gubernatorial Canidate Roy S. Moore.
  • The Constitution Party - Join the Constitution Party in its work to restore our government to its Constitutional limits and our law to its Biblical foundation.
  • American Family Association - America's largest pro-family action site.
  • Christian Exodus - Non-profit organization dedicated to creating a Christian homeland in North America via the secession of a US State from the Union.
  • The Institute for Theonomic Reformation - The ITR is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization, which seeks to empower the Christian, and the church, so as to fulfill God's cultural commission of Christian responsibility: the restoration and application of Biblical Law and Biblical Ethics so as to faithfully encourage an explicitly Biblical Christian rule for both a national and global Theonomic culture.
  • Christian Embassy, Washington, DC - For nearly 30 years, Christian Embassy has sought to help diplomats, government leaders and military officers find real and lasting purpose through faith and encouragement, and has been very sucessful in winning the Pentagon over to the aroma of Christ.

Space Missions

Cross on the Moon Foundation
  • Orbital Cross Alpha - Following the failure of the Blessitt Space Cross, our own Jack Holgroth has a shocking proposal to launch a giant Christian Cross into space that will be visible to all the people of the world, "Like a Faithful Witness in the Sky" (Psalms 89:37).
  • Cross on the Moon - COM is a non-profit organization dedicated to praising God by advocating, designing, and implementing the placement of a Christian Cross on the surface of Earth's Moon and beyond. (Jack Holgroth discusses this complementary program.)
  • Cover The Earth In Prayer - Astronaut Don Merkley promotes what he calls "prayer walks" -- taking the opportunity during space walks aboard the Shuttle to conduct intercessory prayer for each continent as he passes over it. But officials at NASA (a.k.a. "National Atheist Space Administration") are trying to silence him. (Link goes to news story since his webblog has been removed by NASA.)
  • "Astronaut takes Christian missions history into orbit" (Baptist Press) - The story of astronaut Patrick Forrester, who uses glorious images of God's creation taken by him during Space Shuttle missions to aid his true mission of bringing the Good News to the Godless Waodani Indians and other unsaved natives.

Christian Persecution & The War on Christians

Secularists have imprisoned Dr. Kent Hovind, world renowned Creation Scientist!
Support his legal defense | Learn about Secular tyranny | Dr. Hovind blogs from prison

Learn more about the Militant Atheist's war on America...

Repent Amarillo!
Repent Amarillo is fighting Spiritual Warfare in their community. Are you?

Repent Amarillo!
The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin | Like Job, he has suffered.

School Issues

Our Fallen World #1, by Peggy Miller

  • National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools - Join Chuck Norris as he leads the fight to restore our Nation's religious and civil liberties by returning the Bible to our schools.
  • GetTheKidsOut.org - Alerting parents and pastors of the loss of faith and morals of children of Christian families who attend America's officially neutral "public schools".

Put the Bible back in our schools!

Guns don't kill people, Evolutionism does.
From Columbine to Dawson College to a small Amish community, Evolution takes its toll...

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The Great Dinosaur Mystery