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Note from Pastor Skeet:

Hey guys, it's me, Skeet -- welcome to our website! We've worked hard to make this the most awesome place on the Internet, but there's still much more left to add, so come back often to see what's new and happenin'! Shouts out to OBJECTIVE: Ministries for providing the webspace. We love you guys! And a special shouts out to the Big Man Himself for the inspiration He provides to us daily!

What Is Zounds Youth Rock Ministry?

Praising youths
Joyful praise rocks da house!

Zounds YRM is a ministry aimed at teens and young adults that uses the rocking power of awesome music to reach out and bring the Word to those that feel traditional church services too boring or uncool. We offer Totally Radical Salvation for today's totally radical kids!

Zounds supports straight edge living and abstinence until marriage, but we also support good times with friends and rocking out for the Lord! Our high-energy services are more like concerts, and when we Get Down, we Get Down on our knees and pray! Yeah!

Besides music, we have all kinds of skits, comedy and straight talking from the heart about issues that matter to today's youth. Come on out and see us this Sunday... it's where the party at!

(Also see our Zounds F.A.Q. for more details about us!)

Zounds Guide 4 The Newly Saved

Basic Praise How 2 Praise!
How do you bust a praise move on the witness floor? Let Pastor Skeet learn you some moves...
Faith Palm


Zounds YRM has 5 albums and 2 singles out -- all available at the Mt. Fellowship gift shop. Here's a list of the tracks:

Miracles And The Infinite Radness (2000)

  1. Jesus Is Just Alright (With Me)
  2. Who Let The Praise Out?!
  3. Rock On Christian Soldiers
  4. Our God Is A Rockin' God
  5. I Get Down On My Knees (4 U, Lord)
  6. The Whole Glory
  7. In The Garden Of Eden (Spoken Word)
  8. Jesus Is Just Alright (Reprise)

Who Let The Praise Out?! (Single 2000)

  1. Who Let The Praise Out?!
  2. Let The Praise Out! (Radical Glory Mix)

No Sympathy For The Devil (2002)

  1. Don't Give It Away
  2. Goin' To The Chapel
  3. The Ballad Of John The Baptist
  4. Atheists (Got No Reason To Live)
  5. Wacky Wacky Wicca Chick Lyrics
  6. The Evolutionist Blues
  7. Just Call Him Loser-fer
  8. He Will, He Will (Save You)
  9. Y.M.C.A. (It's Fun To Pray)

Jesus Be Just A'ight (Live single 2003)

  1. Jesus Be Just A'ight
  2. Baby Got Baptism (Featuring M.C. S-Katologee of Jiggy4Jesus) Lyrics

A Goo Goo Goo, Jesus Loves You! (Songz 4 Kidz, 2004)

  1. A Goo Goo Goo, Jesus Loves You!
  2. Dance, Lambuel, Dance!
  3. You're My Best Friend (After Jesus)
  4. Biblephone
  5. There's A Peanut In The Pulpit (And He Can't Stay Still)
  6. Yay, Yay! Let's Pray!
  7. Dino On The Ark
  8. O Hosanna!
  9. Away In The Manger (Human Beatbox Mix)

In These Uncertain Times (2007)

  1. In These Uncertain Times (In Which We Are Living)
  2. Know Jesus?
  3. Where Has All The Certainty Gone?
  4. Doubting Thomas
  5. Are You Certain?
  6. Meet The New Atheism, Same As The Old Atheism
  7. Helter Skeptical
  8. What To Believe
  9. God, Certainly (Is Great)
  10. Uncertain Times (DJ Pew Outro Remix; feat. the Mt. Fellowship Choir, under direction of Gordon Graceworth)

Letters to the Obama-Nation (2009)

  1. What Happened To Our America
  2. The Isms
  3. Invisible Bible
  4. Separation Annexiety
  5. I Married A Dude (By Court Order) Lyrics
  6. Prayer Outlaw
  7. All That's Left Isn't Right
  8. Sharia For All (w/ the Allahback Girls)
  9. Rockin' In The Post-Christian World
  10. No More Years
  11. We Have No Kings (But Jesus!)
  12. Our Forefathers Said (live poetry-slam session feat. M.C. S-Katologee)

Interviews, Reviews & Other Views



8.16.2003: There's an awesome new band called downhere that everyone is talkin' 'bout. The wizzle on the strizzle is that they're gonna be the biggest Christian cross-over band since U2. They got a happenin' new joint, So Much For Substitutes, on Warner imprint Word Records. My personal favorite track is "What It's Like": "You came down to me, to know what it's like, to know what it's like to hurt..." Awesome stuff! Click for full review...

Christian Gaming Zone

Check out Kyle "Da G-Man"'s awesome mini-reviews of video games... Now on ITS OWN PAGE!

Congratulations to Kris Allen for winning American Idol™!

Kris Allen

Just like with Rubin's win over Clay, Christian musicians once again prove that we are the real American idols. All of us on the Zounds YRM crew give a shout out to God for Kris' talent. Keep spreading the Word, Kris! We also pray that runner-up Adam Lambert gets the counseling he needs for his same-sex attraction disorder (SSAD). Adam, when you're ready to come to the Lord, give me a call.


Here's some of our favorite videoz, straight off the GodTubez:

Gimmie that Christian side hug! That Christian side hug! I'm a rough rider, filled up with Christ's Love! Gimmie that Christian side hug! That Christian side hug!

Sunday, Sunday! Head to church on Sunday! Worshiping, worshiping! YEAH!

These kids rock out respectfully and obediently for Authority!

What you gonna do with Atheists? All those Pagan Atheists?

Norwegian sorrow-metal band Antestor performing their hit "Via Dolorosa" live. Norwegian Satanists have tried to assassinate Antestor, but the power of the Lord kept them rockin'!

IT'S A JESUS RAVE! Techno praise! Gospel breakbeat! Dance like David danced! Play bongos! Wave flags! JESUS IS THE PARTY! This is the future of Church worship. See the Glorified Church website for more information.

Skeet's Fave

Praize Art

"Why does Jesus rock so hard?" By John, 19.

Express your faith! Send us your Praize Art -- be it drawings, poetry, flowin' prayer rhymes, or whatevah ya gots! If it rocks the Lord, we wanna see it!

Witness 'Stache

Download, print, cut, & stick it in your nose!

Now you can get your own righteous Witness 'Stache just like Pastor Skeet. Use this evangelical prop to spread the Good News. Everybody turns to the man (or lady) with the 'stache for answers! Now's your chance to tell 'em 'bout Jesus!

Includes handy dandy guide for the use of your Witness 'Stache. Can you handle the AWESOME RESPONSIBILITY?

Official Zounds Gear

Zounds abstinence shorts, now available!

You can get official Zounds YRM stuff through the Zounds YRM online store! We have a wide selection of apparel for young and old, including our famous Zounds Abstinence Shorts, specially branded to promote waiting until marriage, and our new Legalize It line of pro-school-prayer witness tools.

Zounds gear is an awesome way to help spread the Good News that Jesus isn't just for boring adults -- Jesus can rock too! Your friends will want to know "What all that noise about?" and now you have an opening to tell them!

(Currently we don't have the online facilities to offer our CDs for sell, but we're working on that. Until then, you can buy them at one of our shows or from the Mt. Fellowship Baptist Gift Shoppe.)


Please visit this awesome Christian business:

The Passion of the Christ [UNRATED]