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"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth..."

Hello, my name is Dr. Richard Paley. I am a Creation Scientist. This means that I study the Natural World to find evidence of the handiwork of the Lord and His divine act of Creation. Creation Science is the root science of all sciences; without it, none of the discoveries from other scientific fields makes any sense. Creation Science lets us put biology, geology, physics, and sociology all into a proper Biblical perspective, unifying our knowledge and bringing us closer to the Lord.

The good folks at OBJECTIVE: Ministries and Fellowship Baptist have given me here a forum to present Creation Science to laypersons; to carry out the objective of Creation education. To that end, I will periodically post articles explaining various discoveries and research in the field of Creation Science. It is my fond hope that those ignorant of Creation Science will learn about this exciting and important field and that this will spur them on to further their learning about our Lord, His teachings, and His plan for our futures.

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Creation Science News Page (Updated 12/24/05)
Breaking news from the forefront of Creation Science.
Those Wacky Evolutionists (Updated 3/9/06)
Amusing stories of Evolutionist wackiness and assorted Darwinalia.
Dawkins Watch (Updated 1/11/06)
Keeping a non-evolved eye on the arch-Athevolutionist.

Creation Science Research Projects:

Project Pterosaur Logo
Project Pterosaur (1/1/2005)
A joint venture of Fellowship University and the Fairlight Institute to mount an expedition to bring back living pterosaurs to be displayed in a Pterosaur Rookery at our planned Fellowship Creation Science Museum and Research Institute so that they may testify against Evolutionism and to the Lord's Creation.

Articles by Dr. Richard Paley:


Dinosaur Expedition 2002 (12/1/2002 - Updated 2/4/2004)
A special report on my participation in an expedition into Africa to find evidence of man-dinosaur contemporaneity, including our paradigm-shattering findings!
Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair 2001 (5/1/2001)
These junior Creationists really have the "Righteous Stuff!" See the winning projects from the three grade divisions.
Octopus Origins (3/24/2009)
Newly discovered octopus fossils conclusively prove their creation was fully formed.
Pterosaurs: An Introduction (1/1/2005)
A general overview of research into pterosaurs and their contemporaneity with Man. Part of Project Pterosaur.
Evolutionism Propaganda (9/26/2001)
Examples of how Evolutionists spread their false doctrines using PBS, children's programming, and the Apple Macintosh.
Baraminology (8/19/2001)
The new field of discontinuous systematical terminology.
"Aquatic Ape Theory" (8/13/2001)
Evolutionists sink to new lows, leagues under the sea.
Kangaroos of the Middle East (7/1/2001)
Did kangaroos once live in the Middle East? Don't answer before you read this.
The Second Law Of Thermodynamics (7/22/2000)
Is evolutionism against the law?
The Eye (7/22/2000)
Complicated and purposefully designed. Could random mutations really do that?
Chinese Fossils From The Flood (7/22/2000)
What did the ancient Chinamen know of the Flood?
The Moon Testifies (7/22/2000 - Updated 9/21/2003)
What is the Moon telling us that NASA doesn't want us to hear?
Dinosaurs (Behemoths) (7/22/2000 - Updated 6/7/2004)
What were the dinosaurs and where did they go? The Bible has answers.

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Educational Resources:

Quotations (9/13/2005)
Doubting Darwinists & scientists who question Evolutionism -- in their own words.

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