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January 9, 2009 OBJECTIVE: Ministries Under Legal Attack

Now that the Democrat Party is set to take power, the pressure on good Christians to tow the Politically Correct line is increasing. Already the persecution is beginning. Today, we at OBJECTIVE: Ministry received the following threat:

DATE: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 14:22:46 -0500
SUBJECT: PACI Violation: You have been reported to the IRS

Dear Objective Ministres,

You have been reported to the IRS for a violation consisting primarily of your political activism under a church setting. Under the jurisdiction of the "Political Activity Compliance Initiative" (PACI) formed during the 2008 Election, you have been reported using the method of http://projectfairplay.org/

If found guilty of pushing a political canadite for any election within the United States governement, you will be reviewed and will be at risk of *permantently* losing your church's tax-exempt status.

Thank you for your time,
Jason Freemen

Rest assured we will fight this attempted infringement on our God-given right to freely practice Christianity by standing up for His principles in the face of anti-Christian politicians. We will not silence our views just to appease Atheist activists such as Mr. Freemen, nor will we stop our missionary campaign to hand out "Palin 2012" Bible covers at the local mall. Our lawyers have already contacted the Whitehouse about getting a preemptive pardon for any persecutorial legal actions taken against us.

Please pray for OBJECTIVE: Ministries during the coming dark days before the Rapture.

December 5, 2007 Wiki Encyclopedia Update

Our legal team was successful in compelling the Wiki Encyclopedia (or "Wikipedia") to remove from their database the "article" about us, which was riddled with lies and misinformation. We believe that agents from Americhrist Ltd., parent company behind the Landover hoax, were responsible for creating and editing the article in an attempt to discredit our ongoing campaign to bring their anti-Christian activities to an end.

Now that the Lord has answered our prayers for injunctive relief from Chris Harper's use of the unreliable Wiki Encyclopedia to sully our good name and scare off supporters, we can move forward in getting Landover shut down before anymore unsaved people are harmed by it.

February 20, 2007 A Christian Alternative To "Wiki Encyclopedia"

If you want a community-created encyclopedia that doesn't fall victim to the sins of pride and gossip -- and that hasn't been hijacked by anti-Christian and anti-American forces trying to pass Darwinism off as science and changing the proper American spelling of words -- please consult Conservapedia, the conservative Christian alternative to Wiki Encyclopedia:

Conservapedia is a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American. On Wikipedia, many of the dates are provided in the anti-Christian "C.E." instead of "A.D.", which Conservapedia uses. Christianity receives no credit for the great advances and discoveries it inspired, such as those of the Renaissance. Read a list of many Examples of Bias in Wikipedia.

And for an encyclopedia with more of a focus on science, consult CreationWiki.

October 23, 2006 Bearing False Wikiness Against OBJECTIVE: Ministries

We have recently learned that something called the Wiki Encyclopedia -- an Anarcho-Syndicalist website originating in Hawaii that lets anyone create "articles" on various subjects without any fact-checking or editorial responsibility -- has been publishing rumors and incorrect information about our site and ministries. We believe that the "article" about us was written, at least in part, by agents working for Americhrist Ltd., who are trying to spread confusion in order to discredit our work exposing the harm they are doing.

This is not the first time that Wiki Encyclopedia -- or "Wikipedia", as its rabble of unprofessional writers informally calls it -- has had problems with people using it to spread rumors, if not outright lies. Not too long ago, journalist John Seigenthaler Sr. was a target of libel spread through Wiki Encyclopedia by an anonymous antagonist who accused him of being linked to the assassinations of JFK and RFK. It took months for the false statements to be removed from the "article" on him, in which time the information was repeated all over the Internet.

When considering information published by Wiki Encyclopedia, one must always remember that anyone can enter anything onto the site and it will be published immediately, with no editorial control or requirement for academic or journalistic credentials, nevermind simple evidence to back up a claim. Any false information thus entered, unless obviously wrong, will languor on the site indefinitely and may eventually become accepted "wisdom". Even in the case of obviously wrong falsehoods, there may be individuals with ulterior motives who will constantly re-edit corrected "articles" to keep the falsehoods in circulation. Consequently, Wiki Encyclopedia is nothing but a rumor mill and is intrinsically untrustworthy as a source of information.

Should a Christian edit Wiki Encyclopedia "articles" to fix incorrect statements or even add new information? The Lord is very clear in His Commandments and throughout His Word that rumor mongering displeases Him. By contributing to Wiki Encyclopedia you will be enabling the spread of rumors, even if you yourself are not rumor mongering, by the simple fact that you are helping to legitimize the endeavor.

But more importantly, the Wiki Encyclopedia model strikes at the heart of God's Word by undermining the role of Authority in the promulgation of knowledge. Knowledge is based on Authority, and the ultimate Authority is God. But if just anyone can write the official "article" on John Seigenthaler Sr. or, say, Pneumatology, then cannot just anyone also preach just anything one wishes -- or even make a Wiki Bible? What then of Authority? Unless one is qualified to report on true knowledge obtained through authoritative channels of learning, such as Scripture or study at colleges rooted in sound doctrine, then ones editing of Wiki Encyclopedia is a rejection of Authority and a sinful act of selfish pride.

We at OBJECTIVE: Ministries implore everyone to not place faith in the unauthoritative ramblings found on Wiki Encyclopedia, and call on all Christians to avoid the temptation of pride that comes from its editable "articles". You may think it is anonymous, but God knows your edit history.

April 12, 2006 Militant Atheists are targeting churches as part of a self-declared "War on Easter"

Suspicious Atheist
If you see suspicious Atheist types like the one above lurking around your church, call the police immediately.

The "War on Easter" campaign, designed to terrorize churches across our nation, is part of a larger war on Christians being waged by the leftist forces of Secularism. The group responsible has a website where they issue marching orders, distribute their hate propaganda, and sinisterly post pictures of churches they have attacked.

They call on members of Atheist sleeper-cells in our communities to sneak onto church property and place anti-Christian fliers -- most disturbingly, ones targeting children -- and copies of a low-budget film entitled Your God Wasn't There, which claims that Jesus has abandoned America. As proof of their anti-Christian motives, they are calling for "666" of the DVDs to be hidden around churches in time for family Easter-egg hunt activities.

This growing war on Christians has hit home for us as we learned of it this morning when one of their crude fliers was found taped to the front door of Mt. Fellowship Church. Later, our grounds keeper found one of their DVDs hidden in a bush in the church rose garden, where we will be holding our Easter-egg hunt this Sunday. It had a note attached reading "You found the lucky egg", proving that it was meant for one of our children.

(The culprit is still at large. However, we are conducting a thorough sweep of the garden to make sure no other items were planted and that the area is safe for children. Rest assured that come Sunday, Lambuel's Easterday Eggstravaganza will not be interrupted by terrorists.)

If your church is targeted, we urge you to take the matter seriously and report the incident to the Department of Homeland Security. While the fliers and poorly produced DVDs may seem like some juvenile prank pulled by Secularized teens, the people doing these acts of domestic terrorism are part of an axis of anti-Christianity that is aligned with bioterrorists who seek to wipe out 90% of humanity with ebola virus. We cannot stress strongly enough that you should not open any of the DVD cases as it is unknown what sort of agents or improvised devices might be inside.

Pteva says 'HLLWYH!'

March 15, 2006 Apologetic Technology For Countering "Memes". With the recent attack against us by a notorious "meme" site (see March 10 & 11 below), the Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to reach out to the unsaved who have been tricked by Atheistic memeticists into a life of mindless meme propagation. To that end, we have applied Christian Apologetic technologies towards countering the "Oh Really?" meme -- a particularly pernicious one designed to induce cynical faithlessness.

The result is the "HLLWYH!" meme ("Hallelujah" in vowelless transliterated Hebrew), here featuring Project Pterosaur mascot Pteva.

We ask all Christians to deploy the "HLLWYH!" meme wherever they encounter the "Oh Really?" meme in order to defuse doubt with joyful praise of the Lord. HLLWYH!

March 11, 2006 Disturbing New Information Surfaces. It has been brought to our attention that the YTMND website is well known in non-Christian circles as a manufacturer and distributor of "Internet memes".

Memes were first proposed by infamous Evolutionist and militant Atheist Richard Dawkins in his anti-Creation polemic The Selfish Gene as a way to infect society with Evolutionism through commercial jingles and the like. Recently, memes have been used on the Internet to lure youths into mindlessly repeating key phrases such as "Oh Really?" and "All Your Bases Belong To Us" -- phrases designed to break down individual thought and condition the subject to accept faithlessness and Humanistic rule.

This disturbing connection between the attack on our prayerbook and the forces of Evolutionism leads us to suspect that one of Dawkins' followers could be manipulating YTMND -- which is mostly comprised of disaffected youths -- to put their "meme" theories into practice and target our site for intimidation. It may be that YTMND members have been turned into mindless Dawkinsian "robot vehicles", blindly following the meme-programming of the emerging Atheofascist movement.

The attack, disturbing as it was, may be a blessing from God -- an opportunity to do His service by helping youths imprisoned by YTMND meme-control to escape back into the fold of Christendom. Satan picked the wrong site to mess with.

March 10, 2006 Our Prayerbook Has Been Hacked By Anti-Christian Terrorists. Sometime yesterday, our prayerbook was compromised by hackers aligned with a terrorist organization known as "YTMND". All entries -- approximately 4,000 in total from over four years -- were lost, as well as our settings. We apologize to all our guests who left us kind messages and prayer requests. Your entries are now in Heaven with Jesus.

For the last few days, the YTMND terrorist organization has been probing our site via their goons and stealing our intellectual property to misuse for their anti-Christian hatecrimes. Christians did not create the Internet to be used for mindless websites containing nothing but a stolen image and offensive repeating sound file. Those sorts of misuses are a violation of international copyright treaties, newly enacted provisions of the Patriot Act, and at least two of the Commandments.

Please join us in praying for these misguided souls that they may see the error of their ways and repent their sins before they resort to violence.

August 29, 2005 We have moved our website to its own domain: OBJECTIVEMinistries.org! No more will we suffer the indignity of our site disappearing unexpectedly, replaced with obscene secular advertising!

We are still moving in and renovating, so there may be some broken links and unfinished areas, but please tell all your friends and prayer buddies about our move and update all your old links to our new site. We have changed the site layout somewhat, with our various OBJECTIVES placed in sub directories (i.e. all of Dr. Paley's works are now under "creation/"), so check to make sure the updated link works.

Our thanks and prayers to all those who purchased Mr. Gruff Atheist witnessing shirts and Ruby matrimonial undergarments -- your generous love gifts helped pay for this site!

February 4, 2005 As many of you may be aware, someone by the name of Dan Smith has appropriated the lyrics and idea of the Zounds YRM hit single "Baby Got Baptism" and is distributing a video of it on the Internet with no acknowledgement of Zounds' innovative work. While the Smith song has been changed from the original rebuke of Paedobaptism into a less creative general pro-Bible theme ("Baby Got Book"), it is clear that it is derivative. For instance, both the original and the Smith version contain the line "Me so holy". While Pastor and lead singer for Zounds, Fred Hoskins, has said that he welcomes the message of the new version of the song, he wishes that Mr. Smith would have been more forthright in acknowledging the source material and owes Zounds' fans an apology for the confusion this has caused. Pastor Hoskin's lyrical collaborator M. C. S-Katologee, however, feels that a simple apology is not sufficient and is "calling out" Mr. Smith for a dance competition. He proposes a head-to-head breakdance battle on the popular Christian hiphop show John 3:60 (seen on our local TBN affiliate, ch. 45.) to settle the argument once and for all. Mr. Smith has not responded at the time of this posting.

August 22, 2004 While looking over our referral logs I discovered a disturbing anti-Christian site that has linked to us without our permission, presumably to mock our message. It is called Normal Bob Smith.com [WARNING: Site contains highly offensive images and ideas and should not be viewed by anyone under 21 or of weak faith or constitution; link is for research and activist purposes only] and is run by a Satanist using the perversely incorrect alias "Normal Bob Smith" who has actually dyed his skin red and affixed devil horns onto his skull in an attempt to be as blasphemous as possible. (Needless to say, he seems to be unable to get a job with this "alternative lifestyle" of his.)

"Normal Bob Smith", Satanist (his actual, everyday appearance), sells blasphemy to children.

This "Mr. Smith" has gotten into trouble for anti-Christian activities, most notably his "Jesus Dress Up" site -- a sick perversion of the wholesome family fun of our Dress Up Lambuel game -- where children are invited to dress our crucified lord as a ballerina or in a devil costume. He even went so far as to have this sickening "game" made into a magnetic toy, which was sold to children by a Secular store chain in malls accross our nation until protests by concerned Christians, Jews, and even Catholics led to it being removed.

His site contains further atrocities:

  • He has a recurring comic strip where he, in the form of Satan, taunts Jesus and makes Him seem foolish.
  • He went to see The Passion of the Christ looking like Satan and had an accomplice take pictures of him laughing and mocking the depiction of Christ's sacrifice and rudely standing up and disturbing fellow movie-goers during the show.
  • He has recruited and brainwashed weak-willed Catholic school girls into dressing in immodest clothing and wandering around the streets of New York City handing out his hatespeech pamphlets with no concern as to their safety.

...and presumably many others, but I soon stopped looking as I became sick to my stomach at his hatred and needed to go and pray for him and those unfortunate unsaved people who have come under his sway. While his site isn't as bad as Landover, since he is forthright about his anti-Christian hatred instead of tricking people into hating the Lord and His followers, it is still a cesspool of bigotry and lies that serves no other purpose than to intentionally defame Christ and offend Christians. We at OBJECTIVE would like all good Christians to join with us and Laptop Lobbyists, who have had some temporary success in shutting him down, in calling for this sickening hatesite to be promptly removed from the Internet, for the safety of the unsaved and for common decency.

(NOTE: We do not suggest you e-mail "Mr. Smith", as he will most likely just reprint your letter -- adding un-Christian curse words to it, as he has to many on his site -- with mocking commentary in order to make you, and Christians in general, look bad. He also prints e-mail addresses, so you may end up getting occult spam or death threats from disturbed Satanist gang members or cult leaders.)

August 11, 2004 We continue to see a number of people repeating the false claim that Peggy Miller's Lambuel character is somehow a knock-off of Shari Lewis's Lamb Chop. This is, of course, complete nonsense. For the record, we would like to clarify this situation with this chart of important differences between the two characters:

LambuelLamb Chop
Cartoon characterHand puppet
Name modeled on Biblical names (Samuel, Lemuel)Name is a sick joke
Animal chosen for Biblical reasonsAnimal arbitrarily chosen
Wide, oval eyesAlways squinting, excessive eyelashes
Smiles nicelySticks tongue out
Woolly white earsTan felt ears
Green pullover turtleneck sweaterWhite sweater with red buttons on front
Black hoovesRed mittens with unnatural opposable thumbs
Wears dungarees and slacksShamelessly pantless
Personal relationship with the Lord, Jesus ChristNon-Messianic Jew
Always ready to witnesses and spread the Good NewsDoes occasional Hanukkah special on PBS

As you can see, the only real similarities between them are that they are both children's characters who are lambs with the word "lamb" in their names; any other similarities (both are woolly, white, and young) are merely trivial consequences of that and no more significant than, say, the similarities between the comic strip cats Garfield and Heathcliff.

April 13, 2004 We have been getting questions about why we hadn't updated our site recently -- especially Pastor Hoskins' Zounds YRM page, where the lack of updated show announcements resulted in lower than expected attendance at his band's Thank God It's Good Friday concert at the Mt. Fellowship Amphitheater, which featured an impressive rock battle between Christ (played by Pastor Hoskins, on guitar) and the Easter Bunny (Zounds member Trevor Geison, on drums in full bunny costume). This was because our webhost's FTP server has been down for nearly a month and so we were not able to upload files. The problem was, however, fixed yesterday, and we have started uploading our backlog of updates.

We were curious as to why it took so long for this issue to be resolved, and so we have been doing some investigating. As you may remember, we reported back in May of 2001 that an Atheistic cyberterrorist organization named "Internet Infidels" (II) had launched a cyberattack on our then webhost, ILoveJesus.com. Well, a review of our referral logs shows that there has been a continuous stream of traffic -- usually spiking once every couple of weeks -- coming from the II Discussion Forum, where II members exchange coded messages and plot against the faithful citizens of our country. We suspect that these II cyberterrorists have been systematically testing our servers for weaknesses in order to launch a second cyberattack, which has turned out to be less than effective. Rest assured that we have notified the authorities and will continue to monitor the situation, and that these cowardly haters of God will not silence our cause.

March 8, 2004 In the previous entry, we repeated an accusation made by one of our viewers that the author of the "Odd Todd" cartoon had been plagiarizing (or "ripping off" as he put it) Peggy Miller's Mr. Gruff character. However, this assessment seems to have been made in haste, as the author does not appear to be in league with anti-Christian forces as we had originally feared. Further inquiry and prayer have led us to now conclude that -- although "Odd Todd" appeared on the World Wide Web after Mr. Gruff -- the similarities between the characters are actually the result of the similar disheveled state of spiritual and physical disarray that both the unemployed and unsaved fall into. It was wrong of us to link to him while at the same time making the accusation of copying, as this caused our many visitors to go to his site for the first time under the false impression that he was wronging us. We apologize for this misunderstanding and thank the many "Odd Todd" fans who sent us kind letters correcting our mistake.

March 5, 2004 One of our viewers has informed us that a Secular web-cartoon called "Odd Todd" (whose web site contains obscene material and should not be viewed by anyone under 21) has been plagiarizing Peggy Miller's Mr. Gruff character. Mr. Gruff the Atheist Goat (who made his first appearance on our site in May of 2001) was designed to teach children the valuable lesson that neglecting the Lord leads to neglecting oneself. On the other hand, "Odd Todd" (who seems to have been sketchily drawn at some point after September 2001) promotes indolence and other unchristian values. The similarities between Mr. Gruff and this character (which include their blue bath robes, scruffy appearances, and reliance on coffee) does not seem coincidental and is most likely an attempt by the author to capitalize on the popularity of Mrs. Miller's creation to lead children astray. We hope that no one is deceived by this underhanded ruse and that the loyal fans of Mrs. Miller's Lambuel and Friends will write letters to "Odd Todd"'s author to witness to him and convince him of the error of his ways.

February 26, 2004 Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ has brought a lot of interest in passion paraphernalia. To help capitalize on this witnessing oportunity, Mr. Kutsushima, pastor of the Happy Origami Ministry, has created for us a Crucifixion Nail paper model that can be used by parents, educators, and witnesses to help people understand just how much Jesus suffered out of His love for us all.

January 13, 2004 Wendy Tullar is taking her mission Beyond The Mall with some ideas she has for applying Mall Mission tactics to the community at large.

January 7, 2004 Peggy Miller has added a Kidz Crafts area to her Lambuel section. Besides including the coloring tract and mask previously seen, it has a challenging new animated paper model of Professor Giraffenstein created for her by Mr. Kutsushima of Tokyo, who is well known throughout Asia for his origami missionary work.

November 10, 2003 Peggy Miller has added to her Lambuel section a gallery for children's artwork. So far there's just one picture -- of our own Jack Holgroth! -- but I'm sure this will grow as your children e-mail us their drawings.


August 13, 2003 Pastor Dr. Miller has started a campaign against triclavianism and is asking for your help.

June 30, 2003 Dr. Richard Paley has created a new subsection called Dawkins Watch where he will keep an eye on militant Evolutionist Richard Dawkins.

June 25, 2003 We have added "anchors" for linking to specific entries on this and the progress page. Click on the entry date to get the link address.

June 19, 2003 Mt. Fellowship Baptist Church's Pastor, Dr. Andrew Miller, finally has a forum on our site to share with the Internet his learning and insight. Visit The Pastor's Corner for his Faith-expanding musings on the issues that face today's Christian.

June 4, 2003 We have moved again. While closely rereading the Statement of Faith of our previous webhost, Cross Spot, we made the sad discovery that they are not firm enough in their opposition to the erroneous doctrine of triclavianism. As such, we feel that it is best that we part our ways, but we will keep them in our prayers.

March 5, 2003 Peggy Miller has created some Lambuel coloring tracts that have been a hit with the kids at Mt. Fellowship Kindergarten. Delightful and educational Lambuel cartoons, joyfully colored by enthusiastic young tikes, have been showing up on refrigerators and office walls all over town! They have proven so popular that we have converted the first in the series ("Lambuel Witnesses to Passersby") to PDF format that you can download and print out for your little budding artist.

God Bless The USA

September 13, 2002 Jack Holgroth and his vexillological associates have a proposal for a redesign of the American Flag that will help put God back into His proper place in our nation. He has written up an OBJECTIVE to explain his design, which we are hosting. Check it out and remember to write your Congressman.

September 2, 2002 Fred Hoskins has started a new page for his youth ministry rock band, Zounds under the OBJECTIVE: Ministries domain. Now you'll be able to keep abreast of all their upcoming shows and events.

April 28, 2002 Due to excessive traffic, we have moved from Truepath.com to a new server. You can now find us at http://objectiveministries.tripod.com. Please update your links.

Also, we had to delete the old guestbook due to the database becoming corrupted from the large number of entries. All the entries were lost, sorry. A new one is now up and awaiting your kind words.

April 26, 2002 Some reorganization of the site. OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown is now no longer the default page for the site and we have created a new welcome page. We have also split the old progress page into one focused on that OBJECTIVE and this seperate page of site news. Please update your links. This change is due to our widening focus and we feel provides a better structure. However, make no mistake about it: shutting down Landover is still our most important OBJECTIVE and we will not rest until it is accomplished.

April 26, 2002 The site is back up at the old address (http://members.truepath.com/objective/). The mirror site no longer works; please discontinue using that address. The guestbook is currently not working correctly and we are investigating how to fix it. No, your message wasn't deleted, but we may have to purge the database.

April 25, 2002 We must apologize for Dr. Paley's recently updated article on Evolutionism Propaganda. He got a little carried away with some of his conclusions -- possibly due to his being fed disinformation by some anti-Christian email trollers trying to discredit OBJECTIVE: Ministries. Please bear in mind that Dr. Paley is not as tech-savy as most of us here; in fact he'd be the first to tell you that he is more familiar with the Good Book than he is with a Powerbook. While many of us are uncomfortable with some of the choices in names and imagery used by the mostly non-Christian computer industry, we realize that those are most likely due to ignorance on the part of these unsaved people and not to deliberately evil schemes. However, we do stand by Dr. Paley's general conclusion that the computer industry needs to be more aware of these theological issues and open to questioning of Evolutionist dogma.

And to the tens of thousands of new visitors: Welcome! We will remember you in our prayers.

February 24, 2002 Today is the grand opening of the OBJECTIVE: Ministries Online Store! We currently offer a number of items featuring art from our own Peggy Miller, including her adorable Lambuel characters! We hope that these quality products will help spread the Word about Jesus and end anti-Christian hatespeech on the Internet.

November 13, 2001 It has been brought to our attention that our redirection URL has been hijacked by hackers and made to point to obscene material. We apologize for any harm this may have caused our readers and we have rectified the situation by removing the link. We also apologize that we did not catch this sooner as our computers are set to filter out such sites and so we just assumed that the redirection service was experiencing technical difficulties. Fortunately, Fred Hoskins keeps an unfiltered computer in his office for use in his abstinance education research, and so he was able to confirm the situation and quickly notify us. We are not sure exactly who is responsible for this disgusting and harmful hacker attack on our site, however we have noticed quite a few hits from Atheist sites recently. Returning to the scene of the crime, perhaps?


May 28, 2001 Peggy Miller's Lambuel character - which has been delighting children (young and old) in the Fellowship Baptist newsletter for months - now has his own webpage, OBJECTIVE: 4 Kidz! This is our first OBJECTIVE aimed specifically at children and will feature activities, stories, and other fun things that will uplift children's spirits while teaching them about the Lord. Peggy has promised that Lambuel will have lots of fun things to share in the coming months, so have your kids check it out!

May 4, 2001 Due to a surprise attack on the ILoveJesus.com message boards by thugs from the Atheist organization Infidels who were seeking some sort of vengeance on the behalf of Landover (we suspect that Chris Harper himself may have orchestrated this attack out of desperation at our recent success in getting a promise of a hearing at the WIPO on the validity of the landoverbaptist.org domain name), we have moved our site off of ILoveJesus.com so as to not cause our friends there any more trouble. ILoveJesus.com has had to clean up many hatespeech messages left by the Infidel thugs from its boards but, thank the Lord, they didn't manage to do any permanent harm. We thank ILoveJesus.com for their help and service in hosting our site. The OBJECTIVE: Ministries webpages can now be found at TruePath.com at the address members.truepath.com/objective/ or via the redirection URL turn.to/objective/.

Also, Pastor Rosas of the Catholic Outreach Baptist Ministries has asked us to remind everyone that tommorrow is "Cinco De Mayo", the Mexican National Holiday. Usually, secular people celebrate this holiday - which has something to do with the independence of Mexico - by getting drunk on beer and tequila. Pastor Rosas has suggested that Christians should avoid Cinco De Mayo parties where such behavior takes place and instead hold Christian "Jesus De Mayo" parties that feature good, wholesome fun (Pastor Rosas suggests "pinatas" filled with evangelical candies) and prayers for our neighbors to the South.

February 20, 2001 Is Salvation a "zero-sum game"? Can atheists be converted into believers without even showing them the mountains of evidence that prove the existence of God? Answers to these questions and more can be found using the science of Game Theory. Game Theoretician "Diamond" Jack Holgroth explains all about this fascinating field of inquiry and how it can be used to aid Christian apologetics at OBJECTIVE: Christian Game Theory.

December 15, 2000 Only 10 more days to Christmas... but are you actually celebrating Christmas and not a Secular fraud? Wendy Tullar examines the new false religion of Secular Consumerism that is being worshiped at our nation's shopping malls and explains what we can do to stop it in our newest OBJECTIVE: Mall Mission.

October 8, 2000 It's that time of year again; time when secular society gives in to Satan and throws him a big party - Halloween. But does this "holiday" have to be given over to Satan? Could not we as Christians take it in the name of Jesus? Dr. Troy Franklin - a noted demon-buster - thinks that we could, should, and are expected to by God. And with that position, he has started for us a new OBJECTIVE: Halloween Reclamation

July 22, 2000 Trying to remove hateful misinformation from our Internet - while certainly an important goal - should not take away from our mission as Christians to spread the true information that is revealed in the Gospels and other associated works of our Lord. With that in mind, we at OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown are pleased to announce the launching of OBJECTIVE: Creation Education. This new OBJECTIVE - which will be written under the review of O:LBS member Dr. Richard Paley - will focus on countering the pseudoscience of evolutionism that is all-too-prevalent in today's secular media with solid facts, taken from the Bible and cutting-edge science, that support Creation. We begin our new venture with a look at dinosaurs.

Please visit the following good Christian business:

Active Duty Missionary