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Godly U.S. Flag Proposal

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OBJECTIVE: A Godly U.S. Flag

Article by Jack Holgroth

A Proposal For A Design Change To The U.S. Flag:

Current U.S. Flag Design

Current US Flag
The current Flag of the United States of America (for the benefit of non-Americans and poorly educated Public School graduates). While beautiful, an ignorant foreigner might mistakenly suspect we were Astrologists or some sort of Stripe Fetishists instead of proper Christians.

The Flag of the United States of America (see right) is a symbol that is recognized around the World. But is it doing enough to represent our Nation and our Values? Unfortunately, I am afraid that in the current socio-political climate -- both global and domestic -- it isn't, and that a design change is needed.

The current design, although obviously beautiful and rich in the pageantry of American history, doesn't fully convey the nature of our Nation to today's ignorant people. In years past, additional information about America and the Values we hold dear would be supplied via our schools and media, allowing our citizens to associate the Flag with these cultural and social facts. However, nowadays these institutions can't be trusted as they have come under the sway of the Secular Elite and more often than not spew the virus of anti-Americanism rather than healthy civic instruction. As such, the confused American citizen of today doesn't know what to associate Old Glory with, and is just as likely to want to burn it as to pledge his allegiance to it. Furthermore, those few still in the know who take the time to pledge their allegiance are under pressure from decadent Secular forces to divorce the symbol of our Nation from He Who makes our Nation strong and righteous: The Lord, Almighty God.

For these reasons, we need to make a design change to our Flag, the most visible symbol of our Nation, so that we can educate the ignorant and keep our citizens focused on our cultural values without being led astray by hate-filled, anti-American and anti-Christian demagogues.

Here, then, is our proposed new design:

Proposed New Design

Proposed Godly U.S. Flag
Our proposed new version of the U.S. Flag. This design makes it visually clear that we are a Godly nation.

The thirteen stripes that represent the thirteen founding colonies are now presided over by a single, large stripe of pure, Heavenly white. Across this stripe is emblazoned in a royal blue the name of He from Whom our Nation's providence flows. The stripe's position above the field of stars is also symbolic, showing the transcendency of His throne in Heaven over the Universe. Besides the symbolism, the design forms a clear rebus, allowing even the most abjectly hebetudinous of our citizens to learn and remember that we are "One Nation, Under God".

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The final design will, of course, need the approval of Congress and the Senate, and minor variations in proportions, type face, and color will need to be debated with due consideration for historical propriety and maximum pedagogical impact, but I believe that this proposed design, in its general form, is ideally suited to the goals laid out above.

The idea of altering one of our national symbols -- indeed, our most cherished one -- may seem to some unnatural; however, this design change would actually be a natural continuance of the program of making explicit our Nation's relationship to God using simple yet powerful additions to already existing American institutions and ceremonial forms. Brave Christian members of our government have been conducting this program in the face of staunch opposition from Atheistic and anti-Christian forces for almost 150 years, starting with the addition of "In God We Trust" on U.S. currency in 1864 and continuing on with the addition of "Under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 and the making of "In God We Trust" the National Motto in 19561. While these latter two additions were made during the Cold War to let our Communist enemies -- both abroad and lurking in our Homeland -- know that they were on the losing side, our proposed addition to the Flag is meant mainly to combat the unnatural and ahistorical turn to un-Godliness which has infected a portion of our Nation. In all cases, the drive behind these additions amounts to the simple principle of "truth in advertising", and, as such, they should not be considered true alterations, but merely clarifications of previously unstated Truths.

Some may protest the idea of changing Old Glory as prima facie un-American; this is, however, an historically ignorant point of view. The Flag has undergone numerous design changes over our Nation's history to reflect the changing shape of America. Every new State admitted to the Union has brought with it a redesigned American Flag. Throughout all this change, the basics of the Flag's design have remained true to the original vision of our God-fearing forefathers. Our proposed Godly U.S. Flag keeps with this tradition by leaving the original design undisturbed, only adding to its inspired beauty with the name of He Who inspired it.

Lastly, there are some who would argue that this proposed design would run afoul of the so-called "Establishment Clause", which misguided folks like the ACLU and the American Atheists purport disallows any civic discussion of the spiritual and consequently use it as a cudgel to beat Atheism into the public. Leaving aside the obvious refutation of this twisting of the Constitution, the threat of frivolous lawsuits and other, more extra-systemic means of intimidation may cause one hesitation in supporting a design change doomed to failure. However, our Godly Flag proposal is on firm legal footing and any challenges should be easily met. The design is non-denominational2 and so won't offend the religious minorities who have yet to fully integrate into American Christian society; it makes no specific statement other than God is above us, which is a fact that no serious or sane person could honestly dispute; and, as I have already mentioned, it is completely in keeping with tradition and legal precedent that cannot be undone, despite the ruling (later rescinded) of a crazed, Liberal court in California. And on a further Constitutional point, the proposed design would also make it easier to pass Flag protection legislation since flag burning and other forms of desecration could then be classified as religious hate crimes and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law -- an added bonus!

As you can see, a Godly Flag is an idea whose time has come. Write your representatives and urge them to act now to preserve our Nation's Values by making them explicit.

Update - 7/28/2003:

A number of people have written stating concern that the Godly Flag design that I have presented for consideration would be in violation of the Title 4, Chapter 1 of the US Code, specifically Section 8g:

The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.

While it is true that currently the Godly Flag cannot be used without violating US Code, this does not preclude its use in the future. Once the Godly Flag is adopted as the official flag of our Nation, Section 8g would no longer be an issue since the word "GOD" would then be as much a part of the flag as are the stars and stripes. However, should Section 8g become a procedural hindrance, it may prove necessary for the Code to be amended or altered. Fortunately, Section 10 provides for the President to freely modify the flag rules if he deems it appropriate or desirable. Given the strong Faith professed by our current President, it should not be a problem to convince him to allow this change should those who wish to stop the natural adoption of the Godly Flag decide to misuse Section 8g against it.


  1. « Actually, a form of it was already the quasi-official National Motto since 1931, the year that "The Star-Spangled Banner" was made the National Anthem including the line "And this be our motto: 'In God is our trust!'".

  2. « Some of the more Liberal may argue that the word "God" is disrespectful of our nation's Mussulmen who worship Allah. In fact, "Allah" is just Arabic for "God" and so there is no real conflict. Since we are an English-speaking nation, it is most appropriate to use God's English name, hence "God".

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