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With Dr. Troy Franklin

Should We Fear The Occult?

Occultic forces move among us. I know this because I have battled them.

Whether it be the challenge of exorcising demonic possessions or simply the act of shooing away a gaggle of neighborhood Druids eyeing my cat, Milton, with perverse hunger, I have answered the Lord's call to engage in Spiritual Warfare against Satan's minions, and my answer is: "Bring it on!"

We as Christians have nothing to fear from the Occult, for the power of Christ girds us and keeps us from spiritual danger. Remember the words of Psalm 23:

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: For thou art with me

Yet a fear of the Occult still weakens many of us and empowers Satan. Too often, this fear leads us to try to pretend that the Occult doesn't even exist, to banish it from our sight in hopes that it will go away if we ignore it. We seek to remove Harry Potter from our libraries, Marilyn Manson from our airwaves, and Halloween from our neighborhoods. While all this is done with good and noble intentions, many times such actions have an opposite result than what we hoped -- and may be exactly the actions that Satan hoped we would take!

By allowing the Occult to remain occult -- a word that literally means "covered over" -- we give it a power that it otherwise wouldn't have. It becomes a seductive force to the unsaved and seems unstoppable to those ignorant of its true nature. If there is one thing that Satanists, Goths, and Pagans of all stripes fear, it is light; this is why they hold their coven meetings at night, skulk around in the shadows, and wear dark clothing instead of bright, cheerful colors. We must go into that valley of shadows and shine the Light of the Lord into its darkest crevasses so that the spiritually dead who dwell there may become once again alive in Christ -- possessed not by demons, but by the Holy Ghost.

Only by knowing the enemies of our Lord may we defeat them, and by defeating them, bring them over to the side of Light and Love. Therefore, I believe that we must reject fear and instead learn all we can about the Occult: study it, categorize it, plumb its depths to know its secrets. By confronting the Beast head-on and dragging it by its horns out of the shadows, we will see that it is a creature deserving not of fear, but of pity.

About My Ministry:

Being a doctor of Demonology, my ministry specializes in advising other ministries, churches, and youth groups on demonic matters and provides exorcism services based on Biblically sound principles, unmarred by the errors typically found in ineffective, though wide-spread, Catholic rites.

However, much of my time is devoted to learning all I can about the Occult and disseminating my findings to pastors, youth group leaders, and others on the front-lines of the Spiritual War. With this knowledge, I believe that we can develop effective Spiritual Warfare tactics to defeat Satan and his forces.

In the future, I plan to write-up more of my findings in a format accessible to laymen and the general public for presentation on this site. In the mean time, you can read about my practical tactics for reclaiming Halloween in the name of Christ.

Demon Possession Testimonials:

While many Christians fear demons more than they should if they are walking with the Lord, some foolishly believe that demons don't affect Christians at all -- or even that they don't exist. But demons are real and they do pose a threat to the unprepared. Here are some testimonials to actual demon possession and affliction:

Demons will take any opportunity to slip into a Christian, even at sports bars. Always be vigilant.

An encounter with an incubus in a trailer park.

Demons will also attack you in your dreams prior to manifesting in your bedroom.

Demons will also use "Ouija boards" to trick people into possession (see next section).

If you have had an encounter with a demon, please upload your testimonial to GodTube so others may be educated.

The Ouija Menace

Ouija board

How do demons enter our homes? Mainly by us inviting them in. And one of the surest invitations to a demonic visitation is through the Ouija board. Though seeming innocent to the uneducated or unsaved, this "party game" is really a direct communication line to the realm of the damned. Demons will use it to strike up a conversation with unprepared mortals, slowly gaining their confidence, all the while grooming them to invite demonic presences in their homes -- and eventually, their bodies.

While you may think that such a dangerous occultic device could only be acquired from some sinister, back-alley dealer in esoterica, the Ouija board is widely available in Secular stores. It is manufactured by Parker Brothers, a company founded in 1883 by George S. Parker. Unlike his contemporary game makers, Mr. Parker -- who was born in the witch-infested town of Salem, Massachusetts -- thought that games didn't need a solid moral foundation.

Many possessed souls later, he has been proven wrong.

Watch this special investigative report, "The Danger of the Ouija Board", from the Christian Broadcasting Network to learn more about the menace of the Ouija:

Is your child experimenting with the Ouija? Can you tell the signs of Ouijaic influence? Could you have a Ouija board in your home and not even know it?

Please contact your local Baptist Church before you try to remove any Ouija boards. The Ouija is extremely dangerous and should only be confronted by trained demonic abatement technicians.

Cult Alert Bulletins:


Typical Druid coven sacrificing a human to a tree.

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort of Way Of The Master Ministries managed to infiltrate a coven of Druids [Druid segment removed; see update below] and secretly record their creepy full-moon rites with hidden-camera glasses. Kirk and Ray narrowly escape unsacrificed when one of the Druid High Priests suspects Kirk of taping their conversation. By God's grace, Kirk was able to trick the High Priest into thinking he wasn't on tape. Listen as the High Priest -- speaking freely and without the normal subterfuge that characterizes Druidism -- explains how their false, Occultic religion is steeped in licentiousness and a complete lack of Christ.

Do not attempt a Druid infiltration on your own! Kirk's excellent acting talents allowed him to dodge a potentially dangerous situation, but you may not be so lucky. My many years of experience have taught me that Druids can be very dangerous if confronted. If you suspect Druidic activities in your neighborhood, contact your Church and have them send a team of trained Occult investigators to assess the situation and, if Druids are discovered, suggest a course of remediation -- which can be as simple as cutting down the trees the Druids worship, or may involve more intense forms of Spiritual Warfare such as exorcism or prayer-circling a coven meeting.

UPDATE (Jan 18, 2007): For those of you writing to ask why the link to the Way Of The Master Radio segment above doesn't contain anything about Druids, the answer is because the Druid segment was removed from the rebroadcast (it originally appeared at the 3:40 minute mark of the broadcast). From what I can gather, some listeners tried to imitate Kirk's infiltration and wound up being assaulted with tree branches. Ray Comfort decided it was best to pull that segment from their site to avoid encouraging any of their listeners -- among whom are many spiritually unprepared individuals turning to WOTM for guidance -- to endanger themselves. Again I reiterate: Do not attempt a Druid infiltration on your own! Leave this sort of work to knowledgeable Occult experts and professional actors with improv training who can sooth irate Druids when things get dicey.

In hind sight, WOTMR should have prefaced their segment with a warning not to attempt this. Since my readers are more aware of the dangers of Satan's minions and have been properly cautioned, here is an abridged copy of the segment (4MB "MP3" file) for study.

[Please note: Way of the Master Ministries, Ray Comfort, and Kirk Cameron are not associated with OBJECTIVE: Ministries. Audio reproduced for fair use educational purposes only. If you have any questions about their infiltration techniques, please address them to Way of the Master Radio.]

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Target inc. have stopped allowing the Salvation Army to collect money outside their stores this Christmas season. This sudden change in policy was done in the name of "fairness" to other charities, but we are starting to suspect that Target has been infiltrated by anti-Christian forces bent of subverting salvific organizations and Christianity in general.

Logos compared

Case in point: OBJECTIVE cult expert Dr. Troy Franklin has discovered that Target has started to offer for sale Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible. Dr. Franklin informs us this "Bible" is really a cryptic manual for overthrowing Western Christian culture and eventually sacrificing Christian babies to demons. The book is given a 3.5 out of 5 star rating on the Target web site, with reviewers actually complaining that it is "not extreme enough" and that Mr. LaVey has a "good basis" but that he "took what had been a brutal cult ritualistic religon, and toned it down for the avg. 13 yr old" [sic] -- yes, that came from a pro-Satanism review! (Also note how Target's hellish red logo is eerily similar in general form to the pentagrammic cover illustration on the "Bible." Is this merely a coincidence?)

We are only left to wonder just what sort of people frequent Target stores? Certainly not us any longer!

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Dr. Troy Franklin, OBJECTIVE occult expert, has brought to our attention a disturbing new danger to weak-spirited Christians and unsaved persons that we feel needs to be reported.

As he tells it, while out at a local supermarket shopping for food for his cat, Dr. Franklin noticed one of those small tents advertising "Free Rock Chip Repair" that have been springing up in our nation's parking lots. Curious, he went to enquire about getting a ding in his windshield sealed, only to learn that the person manning the tent had other intentions, namely to try and recruit Dr. Franklin into a cult!

Fortunately, the good doctor has become quite immune to cultic recruiting ploys from his years studying their tactics, and thus he was able to extricate himself from the situation with his soul unharmed. However, those less skilled in their Faith -- and especially those of false faiths or no faith at all -- would have soon found themselves back at the cult headquarters doing all manner of unspeakable rites and blasphemies... or maybe even brainwashed into manning a tent of their own.

For the safety of your soul, do not be tempted by the lure of impulse rock chip repair from strangers in parking lots. It may say free, but it could cost you your soul! If you need your windshield fixed, go to a qualified Christian repair shop.

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