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Octopus Origins

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Octopus Origins

Article by Dr. Richard Paley

The Fossil Evidences:

In Lebanon, the Biblical land of the mighty cedar trees, miraculously well-preserved fossils of octopuses were discovered in a cretaceous layer of Flood sediment. Here is a photo of the best of the five:

Octopus fossil.

Octopuses do not normally fossilize well, mainly due to their boneless bodies and gelatinous flesh. During the Flood, when most fossils were created, any octopuses near the shores would have been beaten to goo by the raging waters. Those in the deeper seas would have avoided fossilization by easily escaping the falling sediment and rocks roused by the Deluge, as octopuses are well known as the Houdinis of God's Creation. In fact, only one other set of octopus fossils is known, and that not nearly as well preserved. So these fossils truly are a miracle left by God as a sign. But what is the meaning?

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The fine-grained, chalky sediment (which is why it is named the cretaceous layer -- not because of the so-called "Cretaceous Era" of Darwinian theory) did such a great job preserving the fine details of the animal, that for the first time we can see what they really looked like in the past. As it turns out, they look exactly like modern octopuses! God has told us of His Creation through the miracle of octopus fossils!

This discovery has put the Darwinists into panic mode. They have been frantically trying to find any little differences in the fossils to claim that they show evolution. But what differences they have found are all well within the range of post-Fall microdegeneracy caused by genetic entropy -- for instance, the degeneration of the internal gladius shells that the octopuses frolicking in the lakes of Eden would have had. This degenerative effect has already been noted by Baraminologists among the hundreds of octopus variations within the Octopod baramin, so it comes as no surprise. Even National Geographic, a militantly Darwinian magazine, can't help but admit that the fossil octopuses "look indistinguishable from living species".

This doesn't look good for Darwin and his fans.

Comparison of Predictions:

The previous lack of fossils has allowed Darwinists to run wild with their own "Just So" stories about octopus origins. They could predict anything they wanted, but since there were no evidences their theories could never be falsified. Well, now we have the fossils and can put their stories to the test -- as well as the predictions derived from careful Bible study.

Do the evidences support Darwin or the Bible? Are they even consistent with Darwinism? First, let's review how Darwinists claim octopuses "evolved" and the scientific theory derived from what the Bible says. The following chart shows the differences in octopus origins models between Darwinism and Creation Science:

Chart of Darwinist and Creation Science models of octopus origins.
Please note: Darwinist model is abridged since in reality every little change would require another step.
Also note the half-eyes and half-arms that would necessarily be required for the Darwinian transmutation
from a notopus to an octopus. The difference in time scales is due to Darwinism's claim that the fossil is
95 million years old, while scientific evidences point to it being produced in the Great Flood of 2349 B.C.
Already we can see the Creation model is more parsimonious, and thus favored by Occam's Razor.

Now let us compare the fossil to the ancestors as predicted by both the Darwinian and Creation Science models:

Comparison of fossil to model predictions.

As you can plainly see, it is striking how closely the prediction of the Creation Science model of octopus origins matches what we see in the fossil data. Once again, science supports the Bible and contradicts Evolutionism.

Further Research:

Creation Science's accuracy in historical predictions, while a powerful testament to its Truth, would mean nothing if we could not use it to also predict future findings. According to Darwinism, the octopus will "evolve" as it has in the past, meaning that it will continue to accrue more and more limbs and eyes in varying degrees of completeness. Creation Science, however, predicts a state of essential octopus stasis; the octopus that Adam first encountered in the Garden of Eden will be the same we shall encounter in God's Earthly Kingdom following the Tribulation.

Here are the predictions of the two models:

The future octopus.

We'll see whose model holds up best in the coming years prior to the Rapture. So far, Creation Science remains unrefuted.


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