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Confronting Militant Atheism

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OBJECTIVE: Confronting Militant Atheism

Article by Jack Holgroth

Who Is The Militant Atheist?

Most Christians have by now encountered the term "Militant Atheist" in the media. A few have even had the misfortune to encounter a Militant Atheist firsthand. But who is the Militant Atheist, what does he want from us, and what threat does he pose?

The Militant Atheist goes by many names: Atheist, New Atheist, Secular Humanist, Communist, Darwinist, Anarcho-Militerialist, Richard Dawkins, &c.. He hates God so much that he foolishly1 denies God's existence; He hates those who love God so much that he lashes out at them in bitter, vituperative displays of invective; And finally, pathetically, he hates himself so much that he would reject the sure payoff of God's Infinite Love in favor of the negative-sum blasphemy of an Atheistic worldview. The Militant Atheist is a man playing a predetermined game against his Creator with no hope of finding a winning strategy.

His twisted doctrine is not a new one, although it may be relatively unfamiliar to these Christian shores. In the USSR, the Union of Militant Atheists (also known as "the Union of Belligerent Atheists" or "the League of the Militant Godless") would routinely persecute Christians with their mocking and blasphemous writings, encouraged in their militancy by Party leaders2. This had its natural result in the anti-Christian violence of Stalin's regime. As we shall discover, all who profess Atheism have within them the imperative to be militant, to do violence -- first by word, then eventually by deed.

According to researchers and historians, the ultimate goal of the Militant Atheist is the destruction of Christian society through violent action. American Vision's Fool's Heart Project, which is dedicated to tracking the history and spread of Militant Atheism, makes the case that the threat posed by the Militant Atheist today is very real and historically precedented:

Dawkins quote
Scene from the Fool's Heart Project video (10MB).
Atheists present themselves as enlightened and civil. But this new commercial will reveal the shocking truth to viewers. The French Revolution, Communism, Nazism, etc. have taught us that the atheistic worldview will inevitably lead to the persecution of Christians and the killing of anyone who gets in the way. What's worse is that atheism is paving a wide road for Islam to advance in our nation and around the world.

As American Vision's commercial illustrates, the French Revolution's bloody Reign of Atheist Terror had its foundation in people writing in favor of "reason" and "rationality" and "thinking" in much the same way as the Dawkinses and Harrises writing books and articles do today. But is today's Militant Atheist really a tiger of the same stripe as the murderous Robespierre or other notorious Militant Atheists such as Stalin and Hitler3? Is he truly militant, or just unduly obnoxious, arrogant, and foolish? To be sure, as the video points out, Dawkins has called for the imprisonment of Christians who teach their children about God4, but can the books written by him and other Militant Atheists really be a prelude to bloodshed?

Sadly, yes.

Today's Militant Atheist is no better than his foolish ancestors (whom, presumably, he believes to be monkeys). He speaks of Reason, but is really interested in arming himself, digging himself into our Christian soil, and awaiting the coming anti-Christian military purge that he so desperately desires. Today he writes books, tomorrow he will throw bombs. Today he abuses our courts to silence God, tomorrow he will put the Christian parent on trial for "child abuse". Today he mocks the Christian, tomorrow he will hunt the Christian down in the streets like a stray dog and euthanize him to stop the "disease" of Christianity.

The Faces Of Militant Atheism Today

Richard Dawkins Sam Harris Michael Newdow Paul Z. Meyers
Fig. 1 — Militant Atheists

The Militant Atheist varies in appearance (fig. 1), although he is most often a white male. It is next to impossible to identify him from his physical attributes alone, at least from a distance (some claim there is a look in his eyes -- a deadened, beast-like stare -- but as far as I know this has never been confirmed objectively). In the past he has favored beards in emulation of historical Atheists, particularly Charles Darwin and Karl Marx, but this seems to have fallen out of fashion with the changing times.

Christopher Hitchens
Fig. 2 — Militant Atheist engaged in typical behavior

He often dons abnormal garb when he rises to power (e.g. the various uniforms of Communism, Nazism, &c.), but while lying in wait in our society the Militant Atheist typically dresses in attire socially appropriate for the occasion, though perhaps looking more disheveled than average. He will sometimes wear offensive tee-shirts or place blasphemous decals on his automobile, but the lack of these signs cannot be counted on for identification purposes.

Most of the Militant Atheist's typical activities are done in secret (fig. 2), away from the eye of the Christian, so they do not reveal him to his neighbors -- or even his family members. Whether writing or reading screeds on Atheism, posting to Internet discussion forums mocking the Lord, or simply stewing alone in his anti-Christian hatred, his Atheistic behavior usually goes unnoticed by those around him. He attends no "Atheist church", although he may join organizations dedicated to suing against the free exercise of Christianity. On Sunday mornings he can be found either staying home slothfully or blending in with the Jews and lapsed, nonobservant Christians milling about hopelessly in public away from church.

What gives the Militant Atheist away is when he opens his mouth. He cannot help but hatefully insult God, Christianity, Christians, Faith, and the Bible every chance he gets. He will go out of his way to bring up pointless, refuted objections to the Gospel, and list his many perceived grievances against Christians -- all either trivial or delusional. Even when he is guarded in his speech to hide his intentions, knee-jerk sarcasm and a general tone of haughtiness give away his true opinion of all things related to God. He sneers, he gloats, he shows contempt for reverence and ignorance of Truth. The Militant Atheist uses his words like the punches of an angry drunk, never hitting their mark, but always intended to do the utmost violence. This is how you will identify the Militant Atheist.

Although most often afflicting men, it's not unheard of for impressionable women to suffer from Atheism, usually in association with emotional abuse. A recent example of this phenomena, as well as of the Militant Atheist's self-exposure through unwarranted hate-speech, is Secular television actress Kathy Griffin (fig. 3), a self-avowed "complete Militant Atheist" who shocked even fellow Hollywood Liberals at the 2007 Emmy awards ceremony by yelling a crude blasphemy at the Lord then announcing that the golden statuette "is my god now".

Kathy Griffin
Fig. 3
Patty Hearst
Fig. 4

While Griffin claims that her Catholic school experience drove her to Militant Atheism, there were many years between her exposure to the flawed teachings of the Catholics and this militant outburst. Her public transformation from relatively harmless Secular entertainer to militant anti-God agitator reminds me of nothing so much as the notorious 1974 forced transformation of Patty Hearst into Tania, the Symbionese guerilla terrorist (fig. 4). Could there be a connection? Could Militant Atheist groups be kidnapping people and brainwashing them for propaganda use or as sleeper cell agents? That's one possible explanation for the existence of the Militant Atheist, though certainly not the only.

What Drives A Man To Militant Atheism?

Now that we have met the Militant Atheist, we must ask: How did he become so twisted?

Why would a man, created by God in His image, wish to deny the very existence of He who Loves him more than any other being could? Theopsychologists have long wrestled with this vexing question, but have been unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Some suggest it is the result of his selfish desire to be free of accountability for his actions; others, that he is indoctrinated by a constant stream of Atheistic media propaganda produced by a small number of Satan's agents on earth; others still, that he suffers from some sort of brain damage, leaving him in a state of spiritual unaffectedness.

Whatever the origins of Atheism may be, given that, against all reason, the Atheist exists, that he would be driven to militarism and violence is actually understandable -- even unavoidable. He clearly suffers from some manner of derangement, either proceeding his Atheism or as a result of it, that causes him to lash out in irrational anger. He is unable to understand why he cannot function as a healthy spiritual person the way the rest of us do, making him both jealous and resentful. Most importantly, being separated from God, the wellspring of Love, drives him insane with hate.

Naturally, this leads us to conclude that militancy is an inherent part of the Atheistic mindset, that the Atheist will always seek violence, starting with the violence of intemperate words and escalating to the horrors of Stalinism. Unless we can convert him, heal his spiritual wounds, the Militant Atheist will always be a danger to society.

The Atheist Hides His Militancy In Plain Sight

"Surely this is an exaggeration," some may protest, "The Atheist cannot possibly be that militant." By His Grace, we Christians are often too pure in our hearts to fully appreciate the spiritual depths to which the Militant Atheist has sunk, and of what acts of benthic blasphemy he is capable as the slimy hagfish of nihilism slowly pick apart his soul. Make no mistake about it, though, the Militant Atheist isn't just "militant" in the adjectival sense, he is also a Militant of the nounal variety.

Clues to the Militant Atheist's literal militancy are not difficult to find for those with the stomach to look. For example, take the iconic imagery used by Atheist organizations:

'American Atheists' logo
Fig. 5
Soviet nuclear warhead
Fig. 6

The so-called "American Atheists"5 -- an oxymoron if ever there was -- is the largest Atheist organization operating in our nation. They have as their logo (fig. 5) what is clearly a combination of a nuclear atom with a missile head, such as the nuclear warheads used by the Soviets (fig. 6). They claim this logo is merely symbolic of their worship of science, but its true purpose is to signal to their compatriots their goal to obtain nuclear devices to use against Christians.

Surrendering Humanist
Fig. 7
French Revolution
Fig. 8 — Secular Humanism's "justice"

The logo of the Secular Humanists (fig. 7) represents a person with arms raised in surrender, presumably to an Atheistic military dictatorship. The figure is called "Happy Human" by the Humanists, a name intended to inculcate passive acceptance of this surrender to Godlessness. And if that Orwellian tactic doesn't work, the surrendering figure has his head decapitated to echo the mode of punishment favored during the Atheistic French Revolution for those who did not toe the Secular Humanist's line (fig. 8).

Consider also the "entertainment" produced by the Militant Atheist. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the magnum opus of Militant Atheist and Darwinian film director Stanley Kubrick, man-apes at the beginning of time are inspired not by the light of God, but by the inky depths of a black monolith, symbolic of the cold void of Atheism. And what inspiration does this Prophet of Atheism bring to the man-apes? It teaches them hate for their fellow man-apes and how to create weapons to kill (fig. 9). This is the origins theory that the Militant Atheist demands we teach our children.

'2001' ape-man
Fig. 9
'Conquest of the Planet of the Apes'
Fig. 10 — Dramatized Atheist uprising

Worse yet, in the 1972 film Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Darwinian symbolism is used to represent Atheists as apes, kept brutally enslaved and beaten by humans, who symbolically represent Christians. (This, of course, is just deceitful, self-serving propaganda designed to rationalize their unjustified hatred of Christians; Atheists were never enslaved by Christians and rarely beaten -- and then only with just cause.) Caesar, the talking6 leader of the Atheist-apes, provokes an uprising in which apes seize the humans' own weapons and use them to destroy human (Christian) civilization in a bloody, howling rampage of violence (fig. 10). To the Militant Atheist, this movie is a "cult classic" that serves as a not-so-cryptic roadmap to his vision of the future: the Conquest of Christendom.

More so than his choice of imagery and symbolism, or even his written declarations, the Militant Atheist signals his desire for violence against the Christian by his acts -- in particular, his seeking to insinuate himself into our Christian military to subvert it to his decidedly un-Christian ends.

How The Atheist Has Infiltrated Our Foxhole

During the Cold War, we provided training, weapons, and funding to the Mujahideen in Afghanastan to aid them in their fight against the USSR. We did so thinking the Mussulman preferable to the Godless Soviet, since the former at least shared our trust in God, however confused the Mussulman may have been about His identity and plan for Humanity. Thus, we were willing to overlook our differences and past hostilities in the face of our common enemy: Atheistic Communism. This unstable cooperative strategy has since came back to haunt us.7

Now we see history repeating in the Global War on Terror. In looking for a common enemy of our enemy, we have reached out to our former foe the Atheist and recruited him into the ranks of our military. We have trained him in the use of our weapons and allowed him to learn our tactics. We do all this because he finds the radicalized Islamicist as much an enemy as do we and is willing to fight, even if out of blind hatred and selfishness rather than righteousness and just cause.

But once we have defeated the Terror, should we not expect that the Atheist will turn against us much as the Musselman did? The Militant Atheist pledges no allegiance to our flag or to God -- he does not share our common American creed; so why then does he fight for God's favored nation? The answer is simple: he does so only to leech our strength and weaken from within our ability to defend Christian civilization.

Already the Militant Atheist, having camouflaged himself in our uniform, has begun chipping away at the Christian bedrock of our military (aided, of course, by his close friend: the ACLU Lawyer). Example: because of the crocodile-tears of Militant Atheists who somehow managed to gain entrance to the U.S. Air Force Academy, instructors there are now no longer allowed to train cadets in the Christian values upon which our nation was founded.8 The young men and women graduating from this institution as officers, who will be placed in positions of power where life and death decisions must be made under fire, will be without traditional military training in how to seek guidance from our Lord. This is unacceptable!

Atheistic meddling isn't just an issue in military academia; it has started to creep into our combat deployed forces. Recently, Major Freddy J. Welborn, warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ currently serving in Iraq, had a frivolous lawsuit filed against him by Atheists. The lawsuit seeks to keep Major Welborn from freely practicing his religious calling to preach the Gospel of God to service men and women in Iraq -- including service men holding "Atheist meetings" on government property. As of this writing, the case hasn't yet gone to trial. However, just the threat of such litigation will cause our brave Christian soldiers to worry about their assets being seized by Atheist lawyers back home while they're fighting on the front line. This vexatious distraction will endanger lives and provide comfort to our enemies.

The Atheist may be a fool, but I fear he is less so than those in our leadership who have allowed him to infiltrate our armed forces. Will not World War Five9 pit God's enemies against those left behind after the Rapture, when we Christians have ascended bodily into Heaven? We know that all Jews will become Christians then, and many from other false faiths will finally seek to learn the Good News and join in the fight against the Antichrist; but the Militant Atheist, driven by irrational hatred, is the least likely to accept the Truth and turn away from Evil. Will he not relish the disappearance of his Christian foes? Indeed, is not the Tribulation exactly for what the Militant Atheist has lusted?

Are we not then, by allowing Militant Atheists access to our arsenal and military know-how, helping to fill the ranks of the very army of the Antichrist that those freshly converted Christians will have to fight? God created America and Graced her with military might so that we may set the stage for Tribulation prior to Rapture. While the end game is already determined and God's final strategy cannot but win, by allowing Christian-trained Atheist soldiers -- and our equipment to which they have access, including the nuclear devices that the "American Atheists" so crave -- to fall into the hands of the Forces of Darkness, we will just be leaving behind a larger mess to clean-up when we the Elect return with Christ to establish His Kingdom on Earth. We only have one shot at the End Times, people; let's not do a sloppy job about it.

The age-old adage that "There are no Atheists in foxholes" has been shown to be mistaken. They are in our foxholes, plotting our destruction. Militant Atheism is a clear and present danger to not only combat readiness, but to the very future of Christian society and to the viability of a weak and confused post-Rapture Tribulation Force tasked with the final witnessing objective before the Second Coming. We must act now to rid our armed forces of this undesirable element before it is too late -- the fate of billions of souls hangs in the balance!

For more on the Militant Atheist and his agenda, methods, and secrets, please see this excellently researched site: Militant Atheism Exposed. It includes a list of shocking parallels that show that Richard Dawkins might be the next Hitler and a look into the likely possibility that Atheism is a mental illness.

Fighting The Militant Atheist

UPDATE: Many of you, alarmed at the dangerous rise of Militant Atheism in our nation, and particularly in our military, have written to me since this article was released asking what can be done to fight the scourge of the Militant Atheist infiltrating our Armed Forces. Fortunately there are many good organizations, known as military para-church ministries, working to make sure that our military remains a Christian one. Here are a few of the more notable, well-funded ones:

Active Duty Missionary
Campus Crusade Military Ministry:

Military Ministry is a subsidiary of Campus Crusade for Christ established in 1964. MM seeks to help every troop, every leader, every family member hear and receive the life saving message about Jesus. They are very active on military and ROTC campuses, working to make sure our soldiers remain in a state of Spiritual Readiness through their Valor programs.

Their vision is to transform the nations of the world through the militaries of the world. Their mission is "to Win, Build, and Send in the power of the Holy Spirit and establish movements of spiritual multiplication in the worldwide military community."

As they note: "the battle is nigh; the time is short; we, together, can make a difference, an eternal difference."


Young, searching, impressionable, moldable, and eager for relationship, many of those serving in the armed forces are in some of the most strategic moments of their lives -- moments of receptivity, of soul-searching, of discovery, and of life transformation. Cadence International exists to be there during these strategic moments sharing the gospel and our lives.

Officers' Christian Fellowship:

The OCF, whose motto is: "Christian officers exercising Biblical leadership to raise up a godly military," seeks to glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society. They have 15,000 members in the US officer corps spread across 200 bases worldwide. Their vision for the US Armed Forces by 2011:

A spiritually transformed military, with ambassadors for Christ in uniform, empowered by the Holy Spirit, living with a passion for God and compassion for the entire military society.

To achieve that vision, they have developed strategic goals -- divided into Leadership, Outreach, Family, and Stewardship -- which include such important objectives as encouraging Biblical marriage and parenthood throughout the military environment, and carrying the gospel through the medium of ordinary relationships among the entire military community.

In order to accomplish its goals, the OCF's Capital Campaign is raising $12.5 million to build state-of-the-art facilities in White Sulphur Springs, PA and Spring Canyon, CO, which will serve as family retreats and conference centers.

Christian Embassy:

Christian Embassy was founded in 1975 and seeks to help diplomats, government leaders and military officers find real and lasting purpose through faith and encouragement. The Embassy especially ministers to the Pentagon, making sure that the Chain of Command is not corrupted by Atheist outsiders. Their Bible study curriculum is used by over 350 Bible study classes throughout the halls of power in Washington DC.

Christian Military Fellowship:

CMF is an association of believers who are committed to encouraging Men and Women in the United States Armed Forces, and their families, to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Their goal is to evangelize every segment of the military society by any means which honors Christ.

The Association of Military Christian Fellowships:

The AMCF is composed of indigenously-led military Christian fellowships (MCFs) and individual military Christians in over 100 nations.

Missions To Military:

Missions To Military works to evangelize and to disciple military men and women for Jesus Christ through their Military Christian Centers.

• Christian Military Academies:

It is important to raise up the next generation through Bible study and military training so that they may continue to keep our armed forces dedicated to serving our Lord. Here are a few fine institutions that offer Christ-focused military training and/or boot camp discipline for our children:

• Christian Military Youth Groups:

It's also important to ensure that the children of our deployed service men and women -- including those of Militant Atheists who have snuck into our military -- are being exposed to proper Christian role-models in their parent's absence. Here are some DoD-subsidized organizations working on military installations to outreach children and teens with the Good News of Jesus Christ:

Because our enemy is militant, we are compelled to be too. This is not hypocrisy since God has commanded us to be so -- God knew the Militant Atheist would attack us and so wanted us to be prepared. Here are some articles that explain militant Christianity as it is Biblically ordained:

Army of God: Repent Amarillo!
Minutemen United
Minutemen United:

Minutemen United is comprised of Christian men who are willing to share the love, hope and promise of Jesus Christ regardless of the consequences. The Minutemen are a proactive network of believers ready at a moment's notice to do battle for the cause of Christ. Together we can once again turn back the anti-God tyranny that is being thrust upon this nation.

4 Distinctives of Militant Christianity (1 Corinthians 16:13-14):

By Gary DeLashmutt of the Xenos Christian Fellowship. DeLashmutt explains how the Church is an Army at war and how God has called us up for active duty to take the Spiritual Battle to the Enemy, whom we will destroy with our Ordinance of Love.

Militant Christianity:

By Kevin J Wilson of Alpha & Omega Outreach Ministries. Lists a more in-depth 10 distinctions of Militant Christianity for those who need more guidance to fight Spiritually in God's Army.

Spiritual Warfare - The Battles:

Advice on how to go into battle as Christians. Includes links to articles on how to arm oneself and what to wear.

Militant Atheism News


The Militant Atheist's schemes are ongoing. I will provide links to news stories here as I uncover them:

• Military Forced To Remove Bible Passages From Rifle Sights (1/21/2010):

Militant Atheists, led by Michael "Mikey" Weinstein of the "Military" Religious "Freedom" Foundation (MRFF) and in league with Islamofascist terror-activists, are now seeking to endanger our combat forces by having Bible citations removed from rifle sights. The citations are part of the product codes of sights manufactured by Trijicon, who have been providing these Biblically anointed sights to our Military for over a decade. Examples of the codes include "2COR4:6" ("For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ") and JN8:12 ("Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life").

Christian snipers have long trusted in Trijicon sights to provide not only superior aiming, but also to spiritually transform their weapons into Fire Arms of Jesus Christ, providing them with God's protection on the battlefield. Faced with political pressure -- or should we say, domestic terror tactics -- from the Militant Atheists, Trijicon as agreed under duress to remove the citations from their products. If the Militant Atheists get their way, make no mistake: God's protection will be removed and American soldiers will die!

"Dad links son's suicide to 'The God Delusion'" (World Net Daily, 11/20/2008):

Militant Atheists are now killing Christians with their books! Jesse Kilgore, a 22-year-old military veteran, falls in with the wrong crowd -- a Secular public college -- and pays for it with his life, possibly even his immortal soul. After his self-inflicted murder, a copy of Dawkins' pro-Militant Atheism book is found under his mattress, with the last page ominously bookmarked. Officials from the Secular public college refuse to answer questions about the allegations that the deadly book was assigned by one of Jesse's professors -- who have been confusing Jesse's faith with their Militant Atheist tactics ever since he enrolled in their anti-Christian place of "learning". According to Jesse's father: "My son is the Adam Walsh of the culture war. That's who my son is."

"Are Veterans Being 'Religiously Disenfranchised'?" (OneNewsNow.com, 6/30/2008):

North Carolina Congressman Robin Hayes says some officials with the Department of Veterans Affairs are engaging in anti-Christian discrimination. All signs of Christianity are being removed from the chapel at the VA Hospital in Fayetteville in order to make the chapel "neutral" and "comfortable" to the non-Christians who we allow to serve in our military. Hayes calls on us to pray for the restoration of America's Christian heritage.

"U.S. Marine on trial for evangelism" (OneNewsNow.com, 6/11/2008):

A Marine serving in Fallujah, who was helping to bring the Good News to the Muslims he interacts with while on duty by handing out coins with a Christian message, is being persecuted by the Atheists who have infiltrated the Pentagon. If our men and women in uniform are not allowed the freedom to represent our shared Christian heritage abroad, then what sort of lesion will we be teaching the Iraqis? What good is liberating Iraq physically if we cannot do it spiritually as well?

"Tyranny of the Atheist Minority" (World Net Daily, 5/16/2008):

A new survey has found that Atheists make up only 1.6 percent of the American population, and they are offended at everything Christian. Whereas basic Christian teaching is to forgive when offended, these Atheists, when offended, protest, intimidate, threaten and sue to have their beliefs become the law of the land. This minority forcing its will on the majority fits the classic definition of tyranny. As our Christian forefathers did in 1776, we must declare our independence from tyranny, to take back our country from the Atheist Occupied Government and make sure our laws reflect the will of the people - which polling shows is a Christian will. This is a battle between American democracy and tyranny.

"Soldier Claims He's an Atheist, Sues Army Over Harassment" (The John Birch Society, 4/29/2008):

Claiming that his "constitutional right" to be an Atheist is guaranteed by the First Amendment, a soldier got help from an advocacy group known as the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and sued the Army over harassment. However, the claimed right does not exist without acknowledgement of its source. And its source, according to the nation's philosophical base stated very clearly in the Declaration of Independence, is our "Creator."

"Accusation: Atheists, agnostics, Wiccans keeping Christians from freely practicing faith in military" (OneNewsNow.com, 1/21/2008):

A lawsuit against the US Military from the Orwellianly named "Military Religious Freedom Foundation", a Militant Atheist organization, that seeks to force the military to become officially Atheist prompted the following:

Retired Air Force officer "Buzz" Patterson believes it is the atheists, agnostics, and Wiccans who have too many rights in the military, and who are preventing Christians from freely practicing their faith.

According to Lt. Col. Patterson, "I would say that the atheists and the agnostics and the Wiccans have too much say in what happens in today's military." He cites the violation of Christian's rights to pray openly: "I cannot lead my men into combat with the prayer to Jesus. I would like to see the exact opposite thing happen."

Lt. Col. Patterson calls upon Christians to launch a counter-suit that will allow our military to remain Christian in the face of the Militant Atheist's anti-Christian persecution.

"Some Chilling Strategies of Neo-Atheists" (Crosswalk.com, 2/4/2008):

In this chilling article, noted men's ministry leader, Regis Nicoll, reveals some of the strategies that the Militant Atheist will use to spread his anti-gospel of villainy. These include:

  • The old ploy of making false connections between negative consequences and a targeted group (in this case Christians) that will result in gulags, crematoria, and mass graves.
  • Denying parents their right to teach their children the "straight and narrow paths of their own faith", instead forcing them to be indoctrinated into the Scientific Materialism faith of the National Education Association and National Science Foundation.
  • Kidnapping children and "de-constructing" (i.e. brainwashing) them to be Atheist clones who will do the murderous bidding of a Joseph Kony-esque leader (only without the Bible or Ten Commandments to keep him in check).
  • Destroying the individual human soul by forcing all people to be connected to a technological "Supermind" that will dissolve the distinctions of thought and personality into a universal, impersonal entity (following the plans laid out by Militant Atheist writer Arthur C. Clarke).


  1. « "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good." (Psalm 14:1)

  2. « See Lenin's manifesto of Atheistic militancy, On The significance of Militant Materialism.

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  6. « Note how literacy and the ability to speak with the same fluency as the humans/Christians is pointedly used as the sign of the violent revolutionary who will lead the apes/Atheists to war with human/Christian society, clearly telegraphing the end-game that well-spoken Atheist authors like Dawkins and Harris are playing toward.

  7. « At the time, I and my fellow Game Theoreticians working at the Department of Defense cautioned against this strategy. Our Payoff Matrices for the Afghanastan theater -- generated both from still-classified game theories and via simulations on our trusty Cray -- all pointed to the unstable nature of the Christian/Mussulman solution concept, with equilibria worryingly dependent on the continued existence of the Soviet Union. It was a game where to win might mean to lose.

    Our warnings were ignored by a civilian leadership that paid too little heed to game theory, and so the support of the Mujahideen went ahead. Unfortunately it turned out that we Game Theoreticians were right, for though we won the Cold War, out of our Mujahideen "allies" rose many of the very terrorists that we are now fighting.

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  9. « DoD Eschatologists since the Hoover administration have agreed that World War Five will be the Tribulation -- this is why the Pentagon was built with only five sides, as no more would be needed after that final Secular battle. (For those not keeping count, the Cold War was WW3 and the current Global War on Terror is WW4.)

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