I Married A Dude (By Court Order)

My wife and I awoke to shocking news
The courts were rigged so the "gays" couldn't lose
Then they induced a justice miscarriage
Their activist judges outlawed straight marriage!

They ordered me to say bye to my wife
They didn't uphold the style of my life
Now a man is all a man can marry
But Adam had Eve, not some guy named Larry!

Wasn't enough that they ordered divorce
They planned to make me "tolerant" by force
"Everyone must be 'gay', including you!"
That's when the court told me what I had to do

They said...

	I had to marry a dude (by court order)
	If not then I would be sued (by court order)
	They sent some guy to be wooed (by court order)
	And so I married a dude (the court ordered)

My new "husband" and I live in a house
Official documents say he's my "spouse"
For martial duties I am liable
They just don't care what it says in the Bible!

Now homosexuals make all the rules
And all us Christians are treated like fools
The things they want will make your blood curdle
Next thing you know you'll marry a box turtle!

'Til then...

	I had to marry a dude (by court order)
	Our wedding was in the nude (by court order)
	Law says you can't be a "prude" (by court order)
	Saying "no way!" would be rude (by court order)
	Now Godly marriage is lewd (by court order)
	And so I married a
	And so I married a
	And so I married a dude (I was ordered)

Copyright ©2009 Fred Hoskins & Zounds YRM