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I love to see your artwork! If you have a picture you drew or colored that you would like me to see, ask your parents* to send it to my friend Peggy at peggymiller@objectiveministries.org, along with your first name and age. Everyone who sends me a picture will be in my prayers!

Here are some of the super pictures that you have sent me...

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Howard-Phillips (10) drew Jesus making a new friend!

By Howard-Phillips, 10

"It shows Jesus with an squid monster named Kootooloo.
Because Jesus loves everybodey,
even squid monsters and sinners.
I hope my pictere will help others find Jesus."

Monsters are just God's creations
who haven't been hugged by Jesus yet!

Brittany (13) drew me with Shotacat
showing our love for Jesus! Yay!

By Brittany, 13

I don't know who Shotacat is
but I like his style!
Nice shirt!

Jonathan (9) drew this with the help of his big sister...

By Jonathan, 9

"I have been practising my witnessing techniques
every day before bedtime and when I tried
them on the devil he wanted to be my friend
so here is a picture of me, Jesus and the
devil all being friends together. I hope very
much that Lambuel likes it and comes to play
with us all too."

If only the devil would stop being such a jealous meanie
and accept Jesus' Love... then we could all play together
instead of having a huge war! Wouldn't that be nicer?

Matthew (13) shows us what that war might look like...

By Matthew, 13

In 1000 YEARS (that's 1/6 the age of the Universe!)
you, me, and all the saved people who disappeared in the Rapture
will descend down from Heaven with Jesus to New Jerusalem and
bring a Final Judgment to the people left behind! Those unsaveds
who rejected the mean old devil will get to stay with Jesus and us in
His Kingdom on New Earth and live forever in our new glorified bodies!

Isn't that nice of Him to give the unsaveds a second
chance, even though they rejected Him?
Jesus really does Love everyone!

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Great job! Send me more pictures* and remember...

Jesus & I Loves You!

* NOTE TO PARENTS: Please do not send full-color, uncompressed Windows Bitmap (BMP) files as these will fill up our mailbox. Preferred formats are JPEG for scanned images and GIF or PNG for computer-drawn images. JPEG compressing an image drawn in a program like Window's Paint will make it much lower quality and more than 10 times larger than if you had saved it as a GIF or PNG. If the file size is more than a megabyte, then you have done something very wrong. Thank you and God Bless.

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