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Zounds Guide 4 the Newly Saved:

How 2 Praise!

When Zounds YRM shows up at events where unsaved people are present, you know we're going home with new souls for the Kingdom. The Zounds crew lives the ABCs of Missioning: Always Be Converting. But just because someone lets Grace into their heart doesn't mean they automatically know what to do on the witness floor of our concerts. In fact, the #1 question asked by newly saved people attending our shows is: "How do ya' praise the Lord?"

So for all the newbies and newbettes, welcome to the party! To get you started, here's some proper praise moves you can bust to show off your love for our Lord:

Upper Body Praise

At shows like ours the audience can be packed — that's just how popular rockin' out for the Lord has become! Consequently, most praise work needs to be done with the upper body while standing or swaying in place. Try some of these:

Basic Praise Praise the Roof

Basic Praise

This is the classic praise move that everyone can enjoy. Raise your hands in the air like you just do care! Combine with subtle arm-swaying as if you were a blade of grass being blown by the Holy Ghost.

Praise the Roof

In this variation on Basic Praise, you turn your palms up as if supporting God's Kingdom in Heaven. Alternately, you can push up as if you were trying to push open the roof to let God's Love shine in more brightly.

Jazz Praise You 'da Lord

Jazz Praise

Spread your fingers and wiggle your hands back and forth. This jazzy flourish on the Basic Praise is excellent for punctuating an "AMEN!" or when testifying. But a little goes a long way — don't do it continuously throughout the service/show or you'll inflame your carpal tunnels.

You 'da Lord

A modern variation on Basic Praise, it's a great way to give a shout out to our Lord. For optimal effect, joyously thrust your pointer fingers while looking Heavenward and mouthing "YOU! YOU!"

Praise Chain

Praise Chain

Join multiple Christians together with clasped hands to increase praise power.

Mello Basic Soul Stopper

Mello Basic

Like the Basic Praise, only with the arms lowered with elbows at or near sides. A more subdued, mello praise for when you just want to chill with the Lord.

Soul Stopper

Slightly splayed hands hovering palm-down just above your forehead as if barely keeping your soul from escaping your body in a rush to join Jesus in Heaven.

Faith Palm Skeet's Fave Hold It In

Faith Palm

A single palm upraised to the Lord shows a faith that is both humble and hip. A nonchalant praise that says: "Yeah, I'm lovin' our Lord. That's just how I roll."

Hold It In

In this variation on Faith Palm, the unraised hand goes over the heart to emphasize how much His Love burns inside you.

Rain of Grace Oh, My God

Rain of Grace

Let the Blood of Christ wash over you and cleanse you of your sins as it rains down from Heaven. Feel every drip of Love as it splashes on your upraised palms and runs down your face mixing with your tears of joy.

Oh, My God

Hold both hands over your chest as you are struck with the enormity of the Lord's Love. You are so not worthy, and yet He loves you!

Thank You, God The Offering

Thank You, God

Hands clutched together and held close to your chest in thanks to God for being so awesome. This is a good one for when you become so overcome with the Lord that you burst into tears.

The Offering

Open-palmed hands held together in front of your body as if cupping your heart as an offering to God. Raise your offering Heavenward at particularly moving moments of songs or sermons.

Prayer Hug Bow Rider

Prayer Hug

Open your arms as wide as you can and try to hug God. You can't do it, 'cause He's just too big... but, boy if you're not gonna try your heart out!

Bow Rider

Chest forward with arms held back and out at a low angle as if riding on the bow of God's ship, the wind of Grace blowing in your face, while a chorus of angels proclaims "Jesus is King of the World!"

High Prayer Release the Dove

High Prayer

In this variation on the classic mode of prayer, you raise your prayerful hands up above your bowed head, allowing them to be seen over the crowd of fellow praisers, letting everyone know you are praying for them.

Release the Dove

Holding an imaginary dove aloft in cupped hands, you release it by sweeping your hands open dramatically, arching them to suggest a rainbow, watching in wonderment as the dove flies off to proclaim God's Grace. (This advanced praise move should be used sparingly.)

Full Body Praise

Whether you're on the outskirts of the audience, in the praise pit near the stage, or you get there early before the crowd forms, there may be enough room to warrant some more full-body praisework.

Skeet's Fave Get On Your Knees Extreme Sway

Get On Your Knees

The Lord's Love is so great that your legs weaken and you fall to your knees. Can be combined with most upper body praise moves.

Extreme Sway

This ain't your grandma's swaying! Really work that hip and back to get your extreme sway on. Side to side, back to front, maybe some twisting... Faster, praiser! Sway! Sway!

Inspired Freestyle

Inspired Freestyle

Sometimes the Holy Ghost grabs hold of you and makes you breakout in inspired freestyle movements that include flaying arms and spastic legs. It's best not to fight it when this happens — the Holy Ghost knows what's best on the witness floor. Just make sure someone catches you when you eventually fall into a twitching heap of spirit-filled bliss.

Dos & Don'ts

While praise is all about letting loose your love for God however you feel like it, there are some rules:






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