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YAY! More pictures! Don't forget to ask your parents to send your pictures to my friend Peggy at peggymiller@objectiveministries.org.*

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Katie drew this scary picture of the End Times...

'Smoting Jesus' by Katie

I don't want that to happen!
When I grow up I will make sure all the Atheists
hear the Word and get fixed so they can go to Heaven
with me and Katie and her friend and you and Jesus.
Don't you want to help them do that too?

My friend Belinda, 13, is autistic.
That means Jesus thinks she is very special and
loves her very much, just like He loves all of us!

Belinda drew me in my favorite shirt...

by Belinda

Don't I look Super? Thanks!

Gabriel, 12, drew me winning over Mr. Gruff using Jesus Power...

'Jesus Power!' by Gabriel

Mr. Gruff isn't cold.
Mr. Gruff isn't lukewarm.
Mr. Gruff is hot! HOORAY!

Rachel, 12, drew me sharing the Bible with my friends...

'Lambuel Offers Bible' by Rachel

The mean old devil doesn't like it.
Why does he have to be mean?

Sean, drew another picture...
"i made this picture about what i think about those
crazy evolutionists and their fake dino museums"

'Fake Dino Museum' by Sean

Why do those crazy Evolutionists have to fib?
Dinosaurs are alive today! YAY!

Jimmy, drew what things were really like...

'Jesus-Saurus' by Jimmy

Jesus is riding to Jerusalem on a T-Rex!

Zach, age 10, drew how I taught him
to witness to his brother Gabriel...

'My Brother Gabriel' by Zach

I like rainbow clothes!
I like Jesus shirts too!
(Gabriel's pants look like the ones
I have! We are pants buddies!)

Robin, age 13, drew us fighting off
the Devil with crosses...

'Me And Lambuel' by Robin

I look really angry! Watch out Devil... I'll get you!

Cato & Sari, both 14, drew Jesus,
Mrs. Peggy, and me playing together in Heaven...

'Ring Around The Rosie' by Cato & Sari

"If you are a good person, you get to play ring
around the rosie with Jesus in Heaven! But
Atheists like Mr. Gruff won't get to participate
unless they repent and learn to live by the Bible!"

OH NO! I hope Mr. Gruff repents!
(Mrs. Peggy sure is pretty, isn't she?)

Jesus Loves Alice!!

'Jesus Loves Me! Yay!' by Alice


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Great job! Send me more pictures* and remember...

Jesus & I Loves You!

* NOTE TO PARENTS: Please do not send full-color, uncompressed Windows Bitmap (BMP) files as these will fill up our mailbox. Preferred formats are JPEG for scanned images and GIF or PNG for computer-drawn images. JPEG compressing an image drawn in a program like Window's Paint will make it much lower quality and more than 10 times larger than if you had saved it as a GIF or PNG. If the file size is more than a megabyte, then you have done something very wrong. Thank you and God Bless.

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