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Craig, age 13, drew himself at the beach
swimming next to Jesus...

Beach Jesus - click for detail

It's fun to play at the beach with the Lord!
Look at me, I'm a lifeguard! YAY!

Brandon, age 13, thinks Mr. Gruff
is stressed and yells a lot because
he drinks yucky coffee...

Go Decaf

"it's a picture of Mr. gruff switching to
orange juice since its so much healthier for you."

Becky drew another picture to
show how the Bible makes everyone nice...

"This one is about how even ninjas
enjoy reading the bible"

Ninja Enjoying Bible

LOL means Love Our Lord!

This is from Mark, age 9...

"Hi Lambuel I drew this after Sunday School.
You, me, and Jesus are having fun in heaven."

We Were Bad by Mark

That's super Mark! Let's pray that
those bad people find Jesus so that
they can have fun with us too.

"hi pegy and lambuel, i drew this
becase santa is mean to jesus"

Bad Santa by Sean

Hi Sean! Santa sure looks scary!
I'm glad that Jesus will protect me
from him and other demons!

Matthew, Elias and Johann, all age 6,
drew this picture of the apocalyse after
learning about it.

The Apocalypse by Matthew, Elias and Johann

Theology is NEAT!

Becky is 17 and she's a super artist!

Sad Times by Becky

They look so sad... it must be the Tribulation!
I sure hope Hopsiah will set them straight.

Meanwhile, Georgie and I have been Raptured!

"i love you lambuel, i made a picture of
you me and jesus having fun."

You, Me, Jesus by Georgie

Thank you Georgie!
I like to frolic in the fields!

Jenny, age 9, drew Mr. Gruff being a big meanie...

Atheist On The Loose by Jenny

He's always theatening to do things like that,
I think he just needs a hug from Jesus!

Hannah, drew me introducing Jesus to His new friend...

Hooray! New Friend For Jesus by Hannah

"Lambuel shows Habu a Bible, Jesus is happy!"

Julian, age 14, drew his neighbor Abdullah accepting Christ
into his heart after seeing The Passion of the Christ
with me and my Catholic friend Mel Gibson...

Passion Of The Christ by Julian

"God is sending down a rainbow as a gift to
Abdullah, to show him how much
He loves all of us."

Greg, age 7, drew...

My Favorites by Greg

"I drew a picture of you and Jesus and my
favorite team. I also drew sinners but they
are sad because they don't love Jesus. I was
told that if you love Jesus that you will go
go to Heaven. I love Jesus so much!
I love you too Lambuel!"

I love you too, Greg! When we go to Heaven,
we can play baseball together with Jesus!

Nikki, age 12, drew herself getting a lesson
from Professor Giraffenstein...

God Rules by Nikki

Science is sooo cool!

Alyssa drew me head over heels in love with Jesus...

Lambuel Loves Jesus by Alyssa

I sure am bendy!

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Great job! Send me more pictures* and remember...

Jesus & I Loves You!

* NOTE TO PARENTS: Please do not send full-color, uncompressed Windows Bitmap (BMP) files as these will fill up our mailbox. Preferred formats are JPEG for scanned images and GIF or PNG for computer-drawn images. JPEG compressing an image drawn in a program like Window's Paint will make it much lower quality and more than 10 times larger than if you had saved it as a GIF or PNG. If the file size is more than a megabyte, then you have done something very wrong. Thank you and God Bless.

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