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PRAISE THE LORD! More pictures! Don't forget to ask your parents to send your pictures to my friend Peggy at peggymiller@objectiveministries.org.*

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Lambuel Coloring Tract #1 colored by Keith

Keith, age 9, colored one of my Coloring Tracts!
He gave me clothes of many colors, just like Joseph had! (Gen. 37)
See how when I share the Bible, I share the colors too?
Go and make someone more colorful with the Bible!

'Lambuel Preaching To Sinners' by Michael

Michael, age 11, drew what I will look like when I grow up
and become a pastor! I will bring the Good News
to purple octopuses! I can't wait!

Kevin, age 11 (that rhymes!) drew Jesus
befriending Mr. Gruff & Habu...

'Jesus Loves Mr. Gruff & Habu' by Kevin

Don't they look happy and unconfused
now that they are Jesus's friends?

This is from Meagan, age 8...

'Jesus Is My Anchor' by Meagan

"I drew this picture of me in a boat and
Jesus is my anchor. I'm overweight and kids
tease me alot but Jesus makes me feel better."

Yay! Another boat! This one is from Andrew, age 8,
who wants to grow up with Jesus as his best friend...

'Noah & T-rex' by Andrew

Look how excited T-Rex is to be riding on Noah's Ark!
I would be too!

Andrew's older sister Sammy, 10, drew
this picture of God watching over us...

'God Is Watching' by Sammy

The Heavens declare the Glory of God!
He can see my house from up there!

'Jesus And Lambuel Play Frisbie' by Elaina

Elaina, 9, wrote to me...

"i draw you and jesus playing frisbie
because me and my friens play
frisbie and we love each other!
i love jesus and lambuel!!"

Super Fun!
Would you like to play frisbie with me?
Ask your parents if you can!

'Jesus Saves' by Judy

Judy drew Jesus showing the Cross to Mr. Gruff!
Look how happy Mr. Gruff is to see it!
Is this how the adults handle Atheists?

'Jesus Loves Me No Matter How Crazy I may Look!'

A 19 year old girl from Atlanta drew her and me wearing
crazy clothes! I am wearing bicycle pants and a zebra scarf!
I wonder what Ruby would think?

'I Heart Lambuel' by Amy

I Loves you too, Amy!

'Me And Jesus Laffing' by Jake

Jake, 9, drew Jesus and him laughing together!
I like laughing too! Here is a joke I wrote...

What is Black and White and Red all over?
The Bible! We can read it's facts in black and white
and it's red with the blood that Jesus spilled
on the Cross because of His Love for us!

'Jesus Saves' by Gabriella

Gabriella, 8, drew Jesus in front of a rainbow!
Jesus uses rainbows to remind us of the Covenant
God made with us after the Flood! (Gen. 9:8-17)
Rainbows are Jesus's way of saying "I love you!"

'Jesus Shines His Love' by Kevin

Kevin, 9 1/2, drew how Jesus's Love makes the darkness go away.
If you ever get afraid of the dark, just pray to Jesus!

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Great job! Send me more pictures* and remember...

Jesus & I Loves You!

* NOTE TO PARENTS: Please do not send full-color, uncompressed Windows Bitmap (BMP) files as these will fill up our mailbox. Preferred formats are JPEG for scanned images and GIF or PNG for computer-drawn images. JPEG compressing an image drawn in a program like Window's Paint will make it much lower quality and more than 10 times larger than if you had saved it as a GIF or PNG. If the file size is more than a megabyte, then you have done something very wrong. Thank you and God Bless.

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