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HI! These are the very first pictures I added to my Gallery! Ask your parents to send your pictures to my friend Peggy at peggymiller@objectiveministries.org.*

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'I Love Jesus' by Anna

Anna, 11, is from New York City! That's a big city!
She drew herself as an angel in Heaven with Jesus.
When we both become angels, we can visit Jesus together!

'Lambuel and Ruby' by Trish

Trish, 6, drew Ruby and me dancing!
Yay! Look at me go!

'Church Is Cool!' by Richard and Sparky

Richard and his friend Sparky drew this picture. I like you too!
He has a beard just like Jesus! Could I grow a beard some day?

'Go Away!' by Cory

Cory, 8, drew himself rebuking a devil with a cross.
Maybe when Cory grows up, he'll by just like my friend Dr. Troy!

'JC and Me' by Jim

Jim, 12, drew Jesus and me riding a motorcycle together! That looks like fun!

'Lamb' by Abraham

This one is a picture of me from Abraham, age 7.
He drew it on the computer! Super!

I certainly am wearing a long sweater...
It must be cold! Brrr!

Mary, age 4, drew this picture
(with the help of her sister Kelly, 13,)
of Ruby and me after we got married!

We are having ice cream for our
honeymoon! Yay!

'My Pitchure' by Mary, 4
'Dino Treets' by Ruth, 7

Mary's other sister Ruth, age 7,
drew "Dino Treets"

Look! Professor Giraffenstein is
feeding the T-rex yummy trees,
just like Adam and Eve did!

This one is from Danny, age 10. It is called "Jesus Loves Everyone":

'Jesus Loves Everyone' by Danny

This one is from Ben, who is a big fan of "Diamond" Jack Holgroth, OBJECTIVE's Game Theoretician (that's someone who knows lots about math stuff!)

"You're my hero, Diamond Jack. I love you."

That's awesome, Ben! If you study hard, maybe one day you too can be a Game Theoretician, just like Jack!

'Diamond Jack' by Ben

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Great job! Send me more pictures* and remember...

Jesus & I Loves You!

* NOTE TO PARENTS: Please do not send full-color, uncompressed Windows Bitmap (BMP) files as these will fill up our mailbox. Preferred formats are JPEG for scanned images and GIF or PNG for computer-drawn images. JPEG compressing an image drawn in a program like Window's Paint will make it much lower quality and more than 10 times larger than if you had saved it as a GIF or PNG. If the file size is more than a megabyte, then you have done something very wrong. Thank you and God Bless.

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