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Search For The "Missing Links" Of Creation
1/3/2005 Nicely coinciding with my recently announced Project Pterosaur, John Adolfi, President of Bibleland Studios, has announced the commencement of a "worldwide hunt for artifacts substantiating the Biblical account of creation":
As we search out REAL artifacts substantiating creationism, my challenge to the Evolutionists is to continue to hunt for your "missing link(s)". Let's show who is right once and for all. I ask you, will finding a 500-foot 5,000-year-old ship atop a mountain do it? How about a real dinosaur swallowing a human fossil? What about a 4000-year-old 12-foot human skeleton with a calculator in his hand? Let's get to work.

Mr. Adolfi had prefaced his challenge by posting photos of fossils that appear to show a dinosaur eating a man, but were actually from the "Onate Man" hoax. These photos were staged by Evolutionists as part of an April Fools stunt to try and discredit Creation Science and make Creation researchers look foolish. Of course, it didn't work, as it only provided further evidences that Evolutionists are prone to deception to spread their false ideology (see Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, and "Lucy" for more examples). Mr. Adolfi posted those photos as "a wake up call to all who believe in the creation account", to help spur researchers to find the very artifacts that the Bible tells us are out there and which the Evolutionists mock.

I was contacted by Mr. Adolfi in October about the photo of a giant skeleton discovered in Saudi Arabia sent to me by a Saudi oil industry technician, so it is likely that it will be included in the many artifacts that will be uncovered by his program. On a related note, see Mr. Adolfi's theory that Adam and Eve were giants.

Creationism Renaming Competition
11/29/2004 The Institute for Creationist Strategies is holding a Creationism Renaming Competition in order to develop a new name for Creationism that will be used for the next decade. "Intelligent Design," 1995's winner, has served us well in getting proper Biblical perspectives on Origins accepted by a public largely brainwashed into Secular Scientism by decades of Evolutionist propaganda, but like any marketing campaign, changes need to be made every so often to keep the message fresh. The ICS is offering a prize to the congregation of the winning entry. Please see their site for naming guidelines and submission information.
Serbia Says "Do Vidjenja" To Darvinu
9/8/2004 Secular news agency Reuters is reporting (based on an article in Serbian paper Glas Javnosti) that "Serbian Education Minister Ljiljana Colic has ordered schools to stop teaching children the theory of evolution [sic] for this year, and to resume teaching it in future only if it shares equal billing with creationism [sic]." We can only assume that they haven't made the move to do away with Evolutionism completely because of the Scriptual softness of the "Orthodox" sect which controls most of the country.

(Those who can read Serbian may wish to check out the Serbian Education Ministry website, which prominently features our Lord and Savior in the masthead. If only the US Department of Education would be so forward looking.)

[UPDATE 9-9-2004] There has been a coup d'etat in the Serbian Education Ministry. Evolutionists -- led by deputy education minister Milan Brdar, who is a member of a radical branch of Fundamentalist Evolutionism that believe Darwin still lives -- have taken control and have sent Ljiljana Colic "away on business," which is a Communist-era euphemism for being sent to a gulag. Details on the situation are still sketchy, but Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica was apparently forced to capitulate to Evolutionist's demands after being threatened by gangs of Secular scientists and members of opposition parties. Please join us in praying for Ms. Colic's safety and for the eventual liberation of Serbia from Darwinian control.

Evolutionists Forced By Preponderance Of Evidence To Finally Publish Intelligent Design Paper In Peer-Reviewed Journal
8/25/2004 The origin of biological information and the higher taxonomic categories by Stephen C. Meyer of the Discovery Institute, an important paper in the history of Science on par with Watson and Crick's paper on the structure of DNA which demolishes all the false icons of Evolutionism and breaks open Darwin's black box by showing that only the Intelligent Design of the Lord can account for the origins of the bauplans of the higher taxa, has been published in the highly-respected journal Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington (Vol. 117, No. 2, pp. 213-239). After years of stonewalling and refusal to acknowledge that the theory of Evolutionism is in crisis, Evolutionists have admitted defeat and allowed their tightly controlled peer-review journal to finally publish the truth. The PBSW's editor, Richard Sternberg, who is also on the editorial board of the Baraminology Study Group, has long been forced by the hegemony of Evolutionist dogma to keep papers supporting ID out of the journal. But because of Dr. Meyer's devastating critique of Evolutionistic teachings on the Punctuated Equilibrium, and his discovery of high levels of Complex Specified Information (CSI) in animal kinds from the Cambrian Explosion, the forces of Evolutionism had no viable excuse not to allow von Sternberg to publish Dr. Meyer's paper. Now that the flood gates are open, hundreds of other papers supporting Intelligent Design will soon be appearing in all relevant journals, thus marking the end of Evolutionism's strangle hold on academia. We are truly living in wondrous times.

[UPDATE 9-4-2004] Respected news organizations the Washington Times and World Net Daily are both reporting that Evolutionists -- acting through Darwinian activists at a notorious anti-Creation message board called "The Panda's Thumb" -- have gone on the offensive and are responding to this fatal blow to Evolutionist Philosophy with "hysteria, name-calling and personal attack." In particular, Evolutionist thought police are accusing PBSW's editor Sternberg of "being a Creationist" (he is, as mentioned above, on the editorial board of the BSG as well as a signatory to the Discovery Institute's "A Scientific Dissent on Darwinism") and suggesting that the paper "received some editorial shepherding through the peer review process." Poppycock! As Sternberg notes, the paper was found by three peer reviewers to be "meritorious, warranting publication."

It's becoming clear that Darwinists just can't accept that the game's up. Listen guys... you had a good run. You got a large number of people to actually believe they are monkey's uncles while you mingled with Hollywood elite on the set of Jurassic Park and lived it up on tenure at fancy colleges. But it's over. Now just peacefully turn in your lab coats and go join the phrenologists stuffing envelopes from their homes.

By the way, the full paper is now on-line at Discovery Institute: The origin of biological information and the higher taxonomic categories by Stephen C. Meyer. We advise you to make a backup copy before desperate Darwinian hackers try and take the site down.

[UPDATE 9-7-2004] And so the backpedaling begins! Following what must be extreme pressure placed upon them from the Darwinist hegemony, the Biological Society of Washington -- the organization behind the peer-reviewed journal that has finally acknowledged that the Lord created us all -- has caved and issued the following statement washing their hands of Dr. Meyer's paper and, predictably, reiterating the Party line:


The paper by Stephen C. Meyer in the Proceedings ("The origin of biological information and the higher taxonomic categories," vol. 117, no. 2, pp. 213-239) represents a significant departure from the nearly purely taxonomic content for which this journal has been known throughout its 124-year history. It was published without the prior knowledge of the Council, which includes officers, elected councilors, and past presidents, or the associate editors. We have met and determined that all of us would have deemed this paper inappropriate for the pages of the Proceedings.

We endorse the spirit of a resolution on Intelligent Design set forth by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (www.aaas.org/news/releases/2002/1106id2.shtml), and that topic will not be addressed in future issues of the Proceedings. We are reviewing editorial policies to ensure that the goals of the Society, as reflected in its journal, are clearly understood by all. Through a web presence (www.biolsocwash.org) and contemplated improvements in the journal, the Society hopes not only to continue but to increase its service to the world community of taxonomic biologists.

The Council of the Biological Society of Washington
7 September 2004

Furthermore, it appears that Sternberg was ousted from his editorial position on the Society's Proceedings due to his failure to keep Meyer's paper from seeing the light of day. I wonder how long until they forcibly recall all the copies and have them burned? You just don't see these sorts of shenanigans at respected Creation Science peer-reviewed journals like CRS Quarterly or TJ.

[UPDATE 9-8-2004] The Discovery Institute weighs in and exposes Evolutionists for the flip-floppers that they are. Is it any wonder that most Liberal politicians are also staunch Darwinians? Only by voting against these people can we hope to return to the sanity that Serbia has newly discovered (see above). Remember come November: a vote for Roy Moore is a vote to put God back in Government.

Arabian Giant Skeleton Update: Hoax Warning And New Developments
8/2/2004 Since posting the previous story regarding the giant human skeletal remains found in Saudi Arabia, I have received a number of e-mails. From what people were saying, it at first appeared that the story might actually be a hoax, as the picture being circulated with it (see the Muslim newspaper article I previously linked to) turned out to have been doctored by a notorious Internet prank organization. I was, of course, skeptical of that photo from the beginning: the skeleton depicted in it would have belonged to a man at least 100 feet tall, which is clearly preposterous and not supported by Scripture. (Muslims are, unfortunately, susceptible to this sort of tomfoolery since they rely on the Koran, which contains much incorrect information poorly cribbed from God's true Word: the Bible).

However, I continued to investigate this issue, calling on contacts in the Middle East to see if they knew anything about the story that the doctored photo was attached to, which was short on actual details, saying only that the bones were found "recently". Last month my investigation turned up evidence that an ARAMCO geological team had indeed uncovered something in southeast SA in the summer of 2000 which resulted in a contingent of the Saudi police (not the military as previously reported) taking over the site. A missionary in Saudi Arabia (who insists on anonymity due to the extreme anti-Christian persecution going on in that nation) has told me that it is well known among foreign oil workers whom he is in contact with that some sort of human remains were discovered in the desert. The workers' wild speculation on what these remains were ranges from angel fossils to the bones of Mohammed, but the most common claim is that they were giant human bones. Apparently, the rumor is that Saudi religious officials were concerned that the discovery could somehow contradict part of the Koran, thereby helping to propagate Christianity, so they sent in the Mutawwa'in, their notorious religious police, to silence the matter. Although this last part is almost certainly true, I'm of the opinion that the geological branch of the oil industry -- which is infested with Evolutionists dedicated to keeping careful watch over who has access to their secret knowledge that the Earth is really much younger than they publicly claim it to be -- was also involved and somehow manipulated the Saudis into covering up the findings.

Last week, as I was preparing to write an update on these developments, I received an e-mail from a video producer in Australia doing a documentary on the search for Noah's Ark (she's also, amusingly, a fellow nemesis of Dr. Dawkins, having managed to trap that slippery weasel on camera unable to answer a question about how new information supposedly "evolves"), who wanted to know more about the McGivern expedition and incidentally if there were any more photos of the giant skeleton. I warned her of what I had discovered about the photo being doctored and not of the actual skeletal remains, but later it occurred to me that there may actually be photos, since surely a finding like this would be documented, even by those who wish to bury it. I decided to contact the missionary and see if he heard of anything about photos being taken at the fossil site prior to the arrival of the police. He said that he had heard there were photos taken, but that the police had confiscated them all, however he would ask around and see if anyone knew any more.

Then, just this morning, I received an e-mail from a person in the Saudi oil industry who, understandably, wishes to remain nameless. He told me that he was working as a technician (not a geologist) with the team that found the skeleton and corroborated much of the rumors about the incident. The skeleton was indeed of a giant human and there was a police cover up. He then related that, knowing the importance of what he was witnessing, he managed to surreptitiously copy one of the photos taken at the excavation site from a digicam to his laptop just before the police came and took all the cameras. He has recently converted to Christianity, thanks to our mutual missionary friend, and is fearful of the Mutawwa'in, but wants the world to see the truth of what was found in the desert, and so he attached the photo from that fateful day:

Actual photo of the remains found in Saudi Arabia in 2000

As you can see, the skeleton in this photo is of a more reasonable size -- I estimate he or she stood between 15 and 20 feet tall -- and in line with what we would expect from Biblical research. The weathering on it is consistent with the technician's description that the skull was originally found partially uncovered by the winds, and the look of horror on its face is consistent with sudden burial by the Flood combined with realization of one's own wickedness. (I do not know who the person doing the excavating is, but I suspect he works for ARAMCO. However, it is probably best not to dig into his identity since it may put him or his family in jeopardy.)

I now believe that the doctored photo was purposely attached to the story and spread through e-mail by Evolutionists as a type of agitprop designed to make Biblical science look bad when the photo was eventually revealed to be a hoax. (Hoaxes like this involving pastiches are a common M.O. for Evolutionists; see Piltdown Man, Onyate Man, Nebraska Man, Archaeoraptor, and "Lucy", to name just a few.) Perhaps they knew that eventually this discovery would get out and they wished to poison the well with doubt about the story's authenticity. But thanks to brave Christians working under the threat of a Wahabi-Evolutionist axis of lies, the truth has finally come out.

Giant Human Skeleton Found In Saudi Arabia
5/13/2004 A Muslim newspaper in Bangladesh is reporting that the skeletal remains of a giant human were found by ARAMCO petroleum explorers in Saudi Arabia. These remains provide concrete evidences for the historical existence of the Nephilim described in Genesis 6:4, one of the tribes of Canaan who were the offspring of humans and angels. Unfortunately, the Saudi military has taken control of the site and is limiting access to ARAMCO personnel only. Fellowship University's Theobiology Department has been trying to get in contact with Saudi officials to offer them assistance from our trained Creation Science field workers, but we have only met with official denials. I fear that the Muslim government is trying to cover up the discovery since it contradicts certain Koranic misinterpretations of Creation.

I should also note that this new find provides vindication for the report of Nephilim remains found in Turkey in the 1950s, which has unfortunately been the subject of Evolutionist derision since the remains were lost. (Interested Creation Science Museums can purchase a cast of a Nephilim femur carefully recreated from descriptions of the find by Joe Taylor of Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum.)

New Expedition To Mt. Ararat To Explore Noah's Ark
4/26/2004 An international team of Creation researchers, led by Shamrock Corporation president Daniel P. McGivern (formerly of the Hawaii Christian Coalition,) is set to trek up Mt. Ararat this summer to investigate a large boat-shaped structure that was exposed last year by melting snow and ice. The large structure -- estimated to be 45' high, 75' wide, and 450' long -- has been known from aerial sightings since 1957, although past expeditions have failed to rediscover its exact position. Recent work by Intelligent Design specialists employing the Dembski Explanatory Filter (which is incapable of producing false positives) has conclusively shown the structure to be of non-natural origins, confirming the widely held belief that it is Noah's Ark. McGivern's team thinks they have pinpointed its location and are planing a strictly exploratory mission, with no artifacts being taken from the important historical site. Instead, they plan to enter the vessel -- whose gopherwood construction appears to still be intact according to satellite photos -- and take pictures of the floors and animal stalls as proof of the veracity of Genesis.
Japanese Crab Provides Delightful Evidence Of Intelligent Design
9/28/2003 An 8-year old boy in western Japan has discovered what may be the "missing link" of Intelligent Design theory: A crab of the species Gaetice depressus with a smiley face on its back. While seemingly unimportant to the lay observer, Creation researchers will recognize that the pattern (which survived exuviation, showing it to be a part of the organism) is exactly the sort of specified complexity that Evolutionists can't explain. The chances of random Evolutionism producing a crab with this sort of marking -- one that serves no survival benefit but which intelligent beings such as we can detect semantic meaning, and hence, design -- is beyond astronomical. What possible explanation is there for this than the action of an Intelligent Designer with a charming sense of humor.
Michigan Bill Would Require Teaching Proper Science...
8/1/2003 ...And, of course, the Evolutionists cry foul! House Bill 4946 would amend the Michigan school code to require that all references to "evolution" and "natural selection" be modified to indicate that these are unproven theories (which they are -- even the Evolutionists will grudgingly admit this if you corner them on it) and to require all students to be able to "describe how life may be the result of the purposeful, intelligent design of a Creator," something far too many of our nation's youth are unable to do nowadays.
Ballard Aims To Find Noah's Ark
7/26/2003 Dr. Robert Ballard of the Institute for Exploration, famous for discovering the remains of the Titanic, will use his ship-locating skills to find the Ark of Noah. The Ark has long been known to have come to rest on Mt. Ararat as the Flood waters asswaged, but the exact location has been elusive and mired in controversy. Many even fear that it is no longer intact, having slid down the side of the mountain or been crushed by a glacier. However, gopherwood -- the material God instructed Noah to build the Ark with -- is unnaturally strong (as it would need to be for the proportions and function of the Ark,) and so even if it is not whole and in-situ, there should still be substantial chunks left to convince even the most cold-hearted Atheist of the Truth of the Genesis account of Creation.
Possible Leviathan Remains Update
7/25/2003 I have just received another message from Dr. Molinero, part of the team sent to examine the possible Leviathan remains found in Chile (see below.) This story gets curiouser and curiouser:
We were detained at airport customs when we tried to leave Chile on the 14th. Men claiming to be agents of the government questioned us separately for about two hours. They kept asking us about why we were in Chile and the nature of our organisation. Someone in the village must have tipped them off, or perhaps they are monitoring your site. After the grilling, they confiscated our sample of the remains, saying it was "military property" since it was discovered by Chilean Navy. We were told to leave Chile immediately. Fortunately, Dr. Brubecker was quick-thinking and had, upon seeing the suspicious-looking agents waiting for us at the terminal, surreptitiously broken off a small piece of the frozen sample and hid it in the pocket of his slacks. We now have the partial sample at the lab and are conducting tests on it. Although it suffered some spoilage and lint contamination in Dr. Brubecker's pocket, preliminary results have confirmed that, contrary to Secular claims, it is neither cephalopodan nor cetaceous in origin.

Just what is it they are trying to keep secret?

Chinese Elasmosaur Sighted
7/16/2003 More evidence of the Truth of the Biblical account of Creation for you close-minded Atheists out there. The so-called "Lake Tianchi Monster" is in fact a kind of plesiosaur -- a large, reptilian aquatic animal (not to be confused with Leviathan,) claimed by Evolutionists to have gone extinct "millions" of years ago. However, plesiosaurs and their kin -- who were numerous in the waters of the Garden of Eden, where they frolicked with mesosaurs and ichthyosaurs in peaceful harmony, circa 4000 BC -- are indeed still alive. Unlike living dinosaurs, they are more widely spread across the globe since almost their full population survived the Flood without being taken on the Ark (Gen. 6:20.) However, the Lord still saw fit to keep them hidden from us after the Tower of Babel incident, blessing them with the ability to make themselves unseen to all but the righteous or those in need of a sign of God's Majesty.
Secular Chilean Scientists Claim "Blob" Only Whale
7/12/2003 The media attention that the Chilean "blob" -- the possible remains of a Leviathan -- has garnered has forced Secular scientists to make a hasty announcement claiming that it is merely whale remains, even though they have not yet done DNA tests. Could it be that they fear news of the Biblical nature of this find will spread doubt about Evolutionism? They certainly seem to be scrambling to cover something up, as can be seen in this e-mail report I have just received from Dr. Zorra Molinero of the Fairlight Institute, who was part of the team dispatched to Chile to examine the blob:
We arrived in Chile on Tuesday and made our way to the site. It was obvious seeing the specimen that this was no "giant octopus" as was being claimed. It smelled of rotting meat, not of ammonia. There were officials from the Chilean Museum of Natural History on site, and other foreign Secular researchers. They were accompanied by armed guards, some of whom I believe to have been military. We tried to get samples, but were stopped by the guards. The Secular researchers asked us questions about what institution we represented. When we acknowledged that we represented the Fairlight Institute, they had the guards escort us away from the site. However, we were able to later get a sample from some children in the nearby village, who had taken it from the site while playing among the remains before the guards arrived. I am in Santiago now and will be bringing the samples back for testing.

If this is only whale blubber, why all the security? I have asked Dr. Molinero to tell me her findings as soon as she gives the sample a proper Christian examination.

Possible Remains of Leviathan Found in Chile

Leviathan (left) and the Chilean Blob (right). Photo: AFP
7/6/2003 A giant blob of flesh has been found off the southern coast of Chile. While Secular scientists remain puzzled and grab desperately at explanations -- whale blubber, giant octopus, spontaneously evolved lifeform -- Creation science holds the answer to this mysterious find: it is the remains of a Leviathan. This monstrous sea creature is known from the Bible (Isaiah 27:1, Job 41:1-34) and its remains would be an important find for Creation science.

Samples of the find have been sent to Secular institutions for analysis. Since these institutions have a vested interest in the nonexistence of Biblical evidence, they cannot be trusted to fairly judge the nature of this creature. Therefore, Creation science researchers from the Fairlight Institute have been dispatched to Chile to recover a sample before the remains have been destroyed by the tides and agents of Secularism. I will report on their findings as they come in.

The New Field of Applied Creation Science: Creation Technology
3/29/2003 Creation Science has come far enough in the last decade that researchers feel confident that they can make new organisms from scratch on a created-to-order basis. Using the Creation Science theoretical frameworks of Specified Complexity, Design, and Purpose, Creation Engineers will be able to piece together useful organisms one DNA letter at a time. This does pose a moral problem, though. As Creation Technology moves out of the control of God-fearing Christians and into the hands of the Secularists (or even worse, cults and Atheists,) the lack of moral guidance in the latter could lead to the technology being used to play God instead of carrying out His Will. As Christians, we have a divine duty to assert our authority on God's behalf to keep this technology -- which we have brought to the attention of the Secularists -- from being misused. We wouldn't want them creating organisms with low temporal lobe sensitivity out of some misguided attempt to populate the world with Richard Dawkinses.
Creationism Proven In The The Lab
1/16/2003 Secular researchers in California have successfully created a new lifeform in the lab, proving that Creation, not Abiogenesis, is the most likely way that life started. (Evolutionists have yet to evolve a new lifeform from scratch, instead they merely microevolve, i.e. degenerate, what God already has wrought.) The new organism -- while an abomination of Creation and evidence of the Secularists' vain desire to replace God with themselves -- shows that only intelligence can produce new creatures. I both applaud and am sickened by the work of these researchers.
National Creation Science Understanding Deteriorating
5/1/2002 According to the secular National Science Foundation, public understanding of Creation Science in America has slipped in the past year with only 47% of respondents correctly answering "false" to the statement "human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals" (also, a Gallup poll from 2001 showed that only 45% correctly agreed with the statement "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so.") This increase in ignorance is most likely due to the rise in Evolutionism propaganda. There was, however, some scant good news in this deplorable report: America still leads the industrialized world in Creation Science knowledge and, although only 45% favored the removal of the pseudoscience of Evolutionism, 68% called for the return of sound Creation Science to our nation's curriculum.
Washington State Senate Bill 6500
1/25/2002 The citizens of Washington State will finally have a chance to brush off the Secularistic hegemony by removing the false doctrine of Evolutionism from their public schools. Read the lucidly worded proposed bill for yourself, and contact your state representatives to see if they have the courage to do likewise.
Secular Scientists Discover Light Speed Has Changed
8/15/2001 In what is the final death knell of the hypothesis of an ancient Universe, secular scientists have discovered that the speed of light -- which evolutionists have always maintained to be a constant -- has changed over time. Creation Science has long predicted that light speed would have varied, accounting for our ability to see objects more than ten thousand "light years" away even though the Universe is less than ten thousand years old. This new study provides stunning confirmation of this prediction, strengthening the scientific case for the correct Genesis model of Cosmology.

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