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The Aquatic Ape Theory

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The "Aquatic Ape Theory"

Article by Dr. Richard Paley

The Aquatic Ape -- A Theory That's All Wet:

Photo composit rendition of aquatic ape and it's human child
Welcome to the fanciful world of Evolutionist fairy tales, where apes lived under the seas and gave birth to humans

Just when you think Evolutionists couldn't be any more confused about the origins of Humanity, they go and prove you wrong. According to the Evolutionist's Aquatic Ape Theory (AAT,) we all came from apes that lived underwater, much like the Sea-Monkeys seen in the back of old Archie comic books.

From what I can piece together from the incoherent Evolutionist literature, the Aquatic Ape story goes like this: Billions of years ago a bunch of monkeys lived under the sea. Then one day, one of them gave birth to a human baby. Soon after, all the sea-monkeys began giving birth to human babies. Eventually, there were only humans living under the sea. Then the sea-humans decided to live on the land, so they did just that. Many years latter, one of these now land-living sea-humans gave birth to a baby who was named Charles Darwin. And they lived happily ever after.

As absurd as this story may seem, there are actual Evolutionists who believe in it, which testifies to the fact that Evolutionism is a cancer on rational thought. Just so you can see that I am not kidding about Evolutionists supporting this theory, here are some of their websites about it:

  • Aquatic Ape Pages - A number of papers from Evolutionists trying in vain to support this outlandish theory.
  • River Apes - The theory told as a children's story. Appropriate yet chilling in its implications.
  • The Aquatic Ape Theory - The author calls AAT "very sexy" and "absolutely beguiling". This is how Evolutionists decide what falsehoods to believe in, apparently.

Evolutionists try to support this insane Aquatic Ape Theory by pointing out features in humans that are similar to aquatic mammals, such as the hippopotamus and dolphin. Features that they point to include the following:

Less body hair than apes
This is a problem for the Evolutionist, since we look nothing like the hairy apes that they claim we came from. Their solution to this problem is to propose a hairless ape ancestor (with no evidence to back this up, of course). And why was this ape hairless? Because it lived in the sea, and sea animals don't have hair!
Habitual bipedalism (two-leggedness)
Another important difference between humans and animals. Again, the Evolutionist brushes off this problem by proposing that our ape ancestor walked upright as we do (and again, no evidence, only circular reasoning.) Why is this trait considered aquatic? Because it would allow the semi-aquatic human offspring of the sea apes to wade onto shore to eventually take up residence on land, of course!
AAT proponents point out that only aquatic animals produce excessive ocular fluids in order to rid themselves of salt. They then point out that humans cry and make the leap to saying that these are the same thing, and thus it is an aquatic human trait. The problem with this is that humans do not produce tears to rid ourselves of salt, but rather to express our emotions, something that no animal has.

As you can see, the arguments in favor of Man's aquatic origin are specious at best. However, the Evolutionists do have a point (although not the one they wanted to make): we are different from the apes, and one of the differences is that we are better built to deal with water. For instance, we are able to gulp air through our mouths -- something no monkey can do -- allowing us to get air quickly while swimming. So why is this? And what is the true, Biblically sound, origin of semi-aquaticness in humans?

The Aquatic Man - Noah Learns To Swim:

From a proper Biblical perspective, we know that the Evolutionist's "Just So" story is false. The Lord created Man after his own image, not after that of a swimming monkey. However, the Evolutionist is correct that we do have semi-aquatic traits. So how then do we answer the Evolutionist's question as to the origins of these traits in mankind?

First, let us dispense with the notion of our aquatic origins. Genesis 1:26 says that God gave Man dominion over all of the earth, so we know that early Man couldn't be entirely aquatic (as the Evolutionists hold) since he would need the ability to go upon the earth in order to exercise his dominion over it. This passage also says that Man was given dominion over the fish of the sea, but it explicitly does not say that Man has dominion over the sea itself. Clearly this means that Man couldn't go into the sea, further ruling out the idea that Adam was an aquaman. To top things off, the Garden of Eden as described is clearly not an aquatic environment and so its inhabitants must not have been aquatic.

Where did these semi-aquatic traits come from then? Well, the obvious and only answer to that is: From God. He must have created us semi-aquatic, starting with Adam. But why did He do this? As we will see, the answer to this question can be found in the greatest aquatic event ever in the history of the World: the Great Deluge.

At the time of creation, semi-aquaticness wouldn't have been useful. Adam and Eve lived on land and ate of the herbs of the Garden, and thus would have no need to go into the water for food or habitation. Studying the Bible, one sees that there is no mention of traveling on the sea using boat technology until the time of Noah in Genesis 6. From this we can rightly conclude that ship building was unknown to Man until the Lord instructed Noah on how to construct the Ark (this also explains why none of the wicked men of the time survived the Flood by getting into boats of their own.)

Why then would the Lord see fit to give Man semi-aquatic traits? The Lord -- being omniscient -- knew that He would bring a Flood upon the Earth and that the few humans chosen to survive would need ship building technology. But more than that, these humans would also need semi-aquatic traits so that if one fell off the ship he or she would be able to tread water until the others could help. To this end, He created Adam and Eve with semi-aquatic features such as relative hairlessness and the ability to gulp air with their mouths as a pre-adaptation to the diluvian environment. He did not, however, make Man totally aquatic because He knew that if He did, the wicked men of Noah's time would survive the Flood, thus defeating its purpose.

So our semi-aquatic traits come not -- through degradation -- from brutish, inhuman sea-apes, but instead come via our ancestor Noah as a gift from the Lord, who cares about our safety at sea.

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