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Evolutionism Propaganda

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Evolutionism Propaganda

Article by Dr. Richard Paley

The subject of Evolutionism's use of propaganda to spread its false doctrines is a broad one that would require many pages to deal with in full. That they resort to propaganda is just evidence that they have no honest arguments in favor of their position. The paucity of pro-Evolutionistic arguments has been widely documented and I won't go into it here.

What I would like to discuss are some prominent and current instances of Evolutionism propaganda: The PBS's series Evolution, the use of subliminal Evolutionism, and Evolutionism's place in the computing industry.

PBS's "Evolution":

PBS (supposedly the "Public Broadcasting System" although one has to wonder which public they serve with all the anti-Christian junk they put on) is currently airing a new series called simply Evolution. This series (running for eight nights, at two hours a night) is nothing but a commercial for Secular Humanistic pseudo-science.

Image from 'Evolution' copyright PBS (paid for with your tax dollars), used for fair-use critiquing purposes.
Darwin questions God's existence from the bowels of the Beagle...
Image from 'Evolution' copyright PBS (paid for with your tax dollars), used for fair-use critiquing purposes.
...while above deck, Capt. Fitzroy is mockingly portrayed reading the Bible aloud to the crew.

Thus far, the first episode (called "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" -- at least they are honest in the title) was a melodramatization of Charles Darwin's life. Darwin is portrayed as a sympathetic character who is attacked by ignorant Christians for his "revolutionary thought" which he is shown likening to "confessing a murder" (again, another slip of honesty). All those who historically questioned and pointed out flaws in Darwin's ideas are portrayed as villains: Richard Owen, Bishop Samuel Wilberforce, Captain Robert Fitzroy of the H.M.S. Beagle -- all are made into unrecognizable cartoons whose only purpose is to act as foils for the noble Darwin and his crusade against Christianity. Even God himself is turned into a villain; at one point in the episode they had the audacity to blame Him for killing Darwin's daughter!

Interspersed with the costume drama were talking heads explaining to us why Evolutionism is the One True Way. These included some doctors and biologists -- one of whom openly expressed the religious nature of his belief in Evolutionism -- whose names I can't remember as they were unnotable persons in the scientific community. Daniel Dennett, a philosopher who wrote a polemic also called Darwin's Dangerous Idea, was on hand to tell us in no uncertain terms that Darwin's ideas excluded the need for God. Needless to say Stephen Jay Gould made an appearance, although he did thankfully refrain from talking about baseball this time.

The episode also included "real life examples" of Evolutionism to try and convince us that it is a real science. One of these was -- and I am not making this up -- a primatologist who taught some chimpanzees to "count". Supposedly this proves that we are a monkey's uncle. Another example used was AIDS. They argued that AIDS is constantly evolving and if it weren't for Darwin we wouldn't understand why and thus would be helpless in treating the disease (they conveniently neglect to point out that Darwinistic propaganda equating us with animals might have helped to spread the disease in the first place). This is a common false argument made by Evolutionists; the random variations of AIDS is not the same as the transmutation of species that Darwin wrote about and that is the basis of Secular Humanism. All those little changes aside, AIDS is still AIDS. Show us AIDS evolving into a cat -- which is essentially the Evolutionistic position of common ancestry for all lifeforms -- and then you'll have something worth noting.

Remember, this was all in only the first episode! We still have seven more to go -- or fourteen more hours of this (PBS doesn't even allow us commercial breaks to help us regain our sanity!). One can only imagine what other nonsense will be presented in the rest of this propaganda tour de force. But you can be certain that I for one won't be sporting a PBS tote bag any time soon.

ADDENDUM (9/7/2002): The Discovery Institute has a more thorough debunking of PBS's Evolution, complete with viewers guide. See also on the True Origins site the articles "PBS's 'Evolution' Series is Propaganda, not Science" which exposes the propagnadistic nature of the series and "Fatuous Filmmaking" by noted Creation researcher Michael Behe.

Subliminal Propaganda:

Chained to Evolutionism: Pokemon's pro-Darwinism propaganda is inescapable

Besides the direct assault on reason and faith that the PBS series represents, Evolutionism propagandists often times try to sneak their false doctrine into popular culture via oblique references whose constant reiteration is designed to inculcate acceptance of their unacceptable message. As noted German Evolutionist Joseph Goebbels was fond of saying, if you repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. Ardent Atheistic Darwinist Richard Dawkins even wrote a book1 about how to spread ideology as a type of "biological weapon" using jingles and pop-culture.

Some of the most popular vehicles for this subliminal propaganda are children's television shows, books, and toys. By getting their ideas into the minds of the young, they hope to be able to do the most damage to traditional values and belief. Shows like Pokemon, which features animals "evolving" into new forms, and popular movies like Jurassic Park and X-Men provide a continuous cultural fog of Evolutionism that is impossible for innocent children to escape from.

Apple Macintosh:

iMac users
Hypnotically encased iMacs trick unsuspecting computer users into accepting Darwinism

However, these propagandists aren't just targeting the young. Take for example Apple Computers, makers of the popular Macintosh line of computers. The real operating system hiding under the newest version of the Macintosh operating system (MacOS X) is called... Darwin! That's right, new Macs are based on Darwinism! While they currently don't advertise this fact to consumers, it is well known among the computer elite, who are mostly Atheists and Pagans. Furthermore, the Darwin OS is released under an "Open Source" license, which is just another name for Communism. They try to hide all of this under a facade of shiny, "lickable" buttons, but the truth has finally come out: Apple Computers promote Godless Darwinism and Communism.

But is this really such a shock? Lets look for a moment at Apple Computers. Founded by long haired hippies, this company has consistently supported 60's counter-cultural "values"2. But there are even darker undertones to this company than most are aware of. Consider the name of the company and its logo: an apple with a bite taken out of it. This is clearly a reference to the Fall, when Adam and Eve were tempted with an apple3 by the serpent. It is now Apple Computers offering us temptation, thereby aligning themselves with the forces of darkness4.

This company is well known for its cult-like following. It isn't much of a stretch to say that it is a cult. Consider co-founder and leader Steve Jobs' constant exhortation through advertising (i.e. mind control) that its followers should "think different". We have to ask ourselves: "think different from whom or what?" The disturbing answer is that they want us to think different than our Christian upbringing, to reject all the values that we have been taught and to heed not the message of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Given the now obvious anti-Christian and cultish nature of Apple Computers, is it any wonder that they have decided to base their newest operating system on Darwinism? This just reaffirms the position that Darwinism is an inherently anti-Christian philosophy spread through propaganda and subliminal trickery, not a science as its brainwashed followers would have us believe.

Hexley DarwinOS Mascot Copyright 2000 by Jon Hooper. All Rights Reserved.
A Satanic, unevolvable chimera compels you to submit to Darwinism!

ADDENDUM: It has been brought to my attention that the Darwin OS mentioned above now has a cartoon mascot (no doubt to influence children) named Hexley (pictured above) -- a platypus dressed as a devil who performs occult magic, i.e. hexes. They're not doing a very good job keeping their ties to the forces of darkness a secret, are they?

ADDENDUM II (4/20/2002): A reader has also brought to my attention that the aforementioned Atheist and anti-Christian Evolutionist Richard Dawkins [ADDENDUM (7/27/2003): I have since added a special page on Dr. Dawkins and his activities] -- who likes to compare religion to a virus -- has used Apple's Macintosh computers since they were introduced. In fact, his infamous anti-Creation polemic The Blind Watchmaker relied heavily on an argument based on software that he wrote using a Mac. He purported to have proved Evolutionism by making his Macintosh draw little squiggles -- or "biomorphs" as he called them -- that changed over "generations". (This of course begs the question: if it took a created machine running created software to make these squiggles, how then does that refute Creation?)

Richard Dawkin's 'biomorphs'
Illustration of Macintosh generated "biomorphs" from The Blind Watchmaker. Here Dawkins shows us how to turn a cross into a swastika using Evolutionism.

While I initially suspected that the Apple connection here was mere coincidence, I dug deeper into the issue -- luckily, we at Fellowship Baptist have an extensive research library that also includes a representative collection of anti-Christian hate literature which we use for just this sort of investigation -- and was shocked at what I found. In the 1996 edition of his book, Dawkins includes two appendices detailing his little program. The first (included in the original 1986 edition) is entitled "Blind Watchmaker: An Application for the Apple Macintosh Computer". The first illustration on the same page as the title shows a Mac window (similar to the Explorer windows seen in Microsoft's OS) and the rest of the appendix includes many screen shots from a Mac, a number of them even featuring the bitten apple logo. It gets even more perverse in the second appendix (added material from 1991) entitled "Computer Programs and 'the Evolution of Evolvability'" (infinite recursion like this is a sure sign of a flaw in a theory). Here he shows how he "evolved" the "inspired artefact with which all this work was done"... the word "Macintosh"!

'Richard Dawkins' & 'Machintosh' from 'The Blind Watchmaker'
Illustration from the 1996 edition of The Blind Watchmaker.

At the end of the appendix he even encourages the reader to switch from IBM compatible computers to Macintoshes, saying that "you can exult in something of the feeling of liberation that may have attended evolution's great watershed events." What a ringing endorsement for Apple computers that is!

As you can see, The problem is much worse than we had originally thought as Apple has been aiding and abetting ardent Evolutionists like Dawkins since at least the mid 1980's.

A typical 'daemon' found lurking in Macintoshes

ADDENDUM III (4/20/2002): Another reader (it has been busy today!) has informed me of another link between Apple and the forces of darkness that my initial research missed. Apparently the Darwin OS is not the original creation of Apple Computers but is instead based off of an older, obsolete OS called "BSD Unix". The child-indoctrinatingly-cute cartoon mascot of this OS is a devil holding a pitchfork (pictured right). This OS -- and its Darwin offspring -- extensively use what are called "daemons" (which is how Pagans write "demon" -- they are notoriously poor spellers: magick, vampyre, etc.) which is a program that hides in the background, doing things without the user's notice. If you are using a new Macintosh running OS X then you probably have these "daemons" on your computer, hardly something a good Christian would want! This clearly illustrates that not only is Macintosh based on Darwinism, but Darwinism is based on Satanism.

ADDENDUM IV (4/21/2002): Apparently anti-Christian zealots -- as well as shocked Christians who have unwittingly become Mac owners -- are linking to this article, which explains the large number of emails we have received on this topic. More clues have come in showing the dark nature of Apple Computers. According to one of our readers, the new MacOS X contains another Satanic holdover from the "BSD Unix" OS mentioned above; to open up certain locked files one has to run a program much like the DOS prompt in Microsoft Windows and type in a secret code: "chmod 666". What other horrors lurk in this thing?

ADDENDUM V (4/29/2002): It appears we have entered a terrible new phase in the Evolutionism propaganda campaign that Apple Computers has been waging. Apple has just announced the "eMac", a Macintosh computer designed specifically to smuggle Darwinism into our schools! According to their propagandistic sloganeering, the "e" in "eMac" ostensibly stands for "education", although it should be obvious to readers by now that it's really a cryptic tipping of the hat to their true agenda: "Evolutionism". However, this isn't the only thing hiding behind this choice of moniker; according to my research, the name eMac is also a referrence to "Emacs", a program that is a standard-bearer for the Communistic Open Source movement mentioned above and whose mascot is some sort of effeminate-looking, horned devil-man. Is there no end to this tangled web of evil?

Image copyright Apple Computers, used for fair-use critiquing purposes.
"Daemon" Wright witnesses for evil.

ADDENDUM VI (8/29/2002): I feel it is necessary to report here -- especially since this page continues to be referenced by those concerned about anti-Christian propaganda -- that Apple Computers' desire to convert people to the religion of Evolutionism has become more overt in recent months with their "Switch" campaign. This advertising blitz uses what they insist are "normal" people (although I wouldn't call a beatnik writer or a rambling, dazed teen5 normal people, but I guess this is Apple's hippy roots resurfacing,) to try and convince people to Switch from being decent Christians to crypto-Evolutionists in some sort of bizarre perversion of Christian Witnessing. (I personally have not seen any of these ads on the TV, but perhaps that is because the good folks at the PAX Network have made the wise decision to not air this cultural filth. The ads can, however, be viewed in all their propagandistic glory on the Apple website for you students of cultic mind-control.) Although called "Switch", this campaign is actually "Bait and Switch", luring the average, unsuspecting person with the false promise of "compatibility" (both with normal computers and Christianity) only to later foist acceptance of Evolutionism and anti-Christian values on them via the techniques discussed above.

One additional technique that I have noticed while perusing their new literature is the common cult tactic of indoctrination through a special insider language. This technique linguistically isolates new recruits from the outside world, forcing them to become more dependent on their cult handlers6. For instance, an industry standard connection for peripherals is idiosyncratically retermed "FireWire" (or should we just be honest and call it "HellFireWire"?) while the familiar Recycle Bin is given its new cult name of "Trash Can". Any "Switcher" trying to purchase equipment for their new computer or get assistance will be forced by this linguistic ghettoization into dealing with the only people that can understand the strange argot: brainwashed Macintosh users. It is then that the process of unbuilding the "Mac Newbie" and reshaping him or her into an Evolutionist begins.


  1. « The Selfish Gene. He called this method of subliminal propaganda "memetics".

  2. « See Free Love and Selling Macs from the secular magazine Wired for an example of the "Macintosh Lifestyle".

  3. « Actually, most Bible scholars think that it was more likely a fig that the serpent tempted Eve with, but popular culture holds that it was an apple and it is this popular culture that the forces of Satan are trying to sway. [ADDENDUM (9/17/2002): Also see Texe Marrs' 1997 article "Devil Companies, Devil Products, Devil Logos?" for more on Apple's logo.]

  4. « The first personal computer sold by Apple was priced by Steve Jobs and his hippy friend Steve Wozniak at $666. Need we say more? [ADDENDUM (4/21/2002): Some readers have been asking for evidence of this. Here is an image of an ad showing the price from the October 1976 issue of Interface Age magazine.] In recent years they have tried to distant themselves from their more militantly anti-Christian past, however it is clear that this is a public relations move, not a change of heart.

  5. « ADDENDUM (7/17/2003): I have been informed that the teenage girl in the "Switch" commercial was not on drugs at the time, as I had previously suggested. Apparently, her incoherent rambling was the result of something called a "reality distortion field" -- which, I'm assuming, is some sort of strong magnetic field generated by a device (similar to the one I reported on here,) that Apple Computers developed to assist in their mind control. My apologies to her and her family.

  6. « For an extreme example of indoctrinatrion via linguistic isolation look no further than that other Evolutionism-based cult, Scientology.

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