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June 20, 2003 Today marks a victory for Truth over so-called "parody." Rev. Jerry Falwell - who founded Liberty University where Chris Harper was expelled for anti-Christian hatecrimes - has forced anti-Christian "hackivist" Gary Cohn to hand over two domain names that he was using to smear Rev. Falwell's good name under the guise of "parody". Although Atheists were able to use threats and other underhanded tactics to scuttle Rev. Falwell's WIPO case last year, and later confuse a Virginia court with jurisdictional technicalities, Rev. Falwell prevailed when his lawyers discovered that the name "Jerry Falwell" had been trademarked by them years earlier. Atheist hatemongers will now learn that hiding behind the thin veil of "parody" will not protect them when they abuse religious trademarks. This precedent will make the shutdown of Landover "Baptist" all the more likely in the coming months.

March 7, 2003 Take note, Chris Harper: It is becoming clear that we are in the final days of anti-Christian misinformation on the Internet. The Vice President of the United States of America, acting through counsel, has taken to task the previously mentioned, Landover-associated "whitehouse.org" website - a site which uses a deceptive URL to trick people into believing it is associated with the President in order to spread various forms of Atheistic agitprop, not the least of which is insinuating that Landover is a Government approved agency. Using the Harperian tactic of hiding behind a difficult-to-find parody notification (which all parody is legally required to have), "whitehouse.org" has been smearing the Bush administration and attacking Christianity through wanton mischaracterization. They stepped over the line into actionable territory when they disparaged the Honorable Lynne Cheney, wife of the Vice President, in a viciously ficticious biography. (A copy of the letter notifying them of their crimes can be found here.)

This is just the first strike in a larger opperation that we at OBJECTIVE: Ministries are aware of. We have it on good authority that Attorney General Ashcroft will be targeting other Internet sites that spread religious hatespeech disinformation, using the same tactics that were employed in the recent Operation Pipe Dream. We have been in contact with Federal agents about the activities of Americhrist Ltd. and are cooperating with them in their investigations. Stay tuned.

January 11, 2003 I have been informed that the Southern Baptist Convention has managed to unseat Landover from the #1 spot for the search term "Baptist" on Google - the de facto gatekeepers to the Internet.

I called the SBC yesterday to find out the details behind this upset. According to SBC media director Trisha Harcourt, it was the result of a concerted effort by the SBC technical staff to use the methods of Americhrist Ltd. and their anti-Christian supporters against Landover. By encouraging members of the Convention to place more prominent links to the SBC website on their pages, Google's software was forced to return the SBC to the top spot.

While certainly a victory in the war to protect the unsaved from anti-Christian disinformation, Landover is still in the #2 spot. And how long until Google - who are known to have Secular leanings - decide to change their software so that it favors Landover? This battle is still not won.

September 15, 2002 While investigating an attempted Googlebombing against OBJECTIVE: Ministries member Dr. Richard Paley, we were shocked to discover that Landover is now listed first for "Baptist" in the Google search engine, up from third as previously reported. Chris Harper's minions have been busy little beavers! Unfortunately, Google still refuses our request to rectify this deception; however, they did try and appease us by removing the site attacking Dr. Paley. Fear not, we will continue to put pressure on Google until Americhrist Ltd.'s fraud is ended.

September 14, 2002 As our trademark violation case against Landover "Baptist" steadily continues in Geneva, we have redoubled our push for more immediate remediation at home. The shift in the current national political climate makes this an opportune time for pursuing spiritual terrorists such as Americhrist Ltd. To that end, we have contacted the newly formed Homeland Security Cultural Bureau, a non-governmental organization backed with governmental authority whose purpose is "to protect the interests of the country's national security by employing efforts to direct and guide the parameters of cultural production." Their connections with both the government and cultural leaders allows them to "locate and eliminate projects and institutions which undermine national security". Surely Landover - with its attack on the Christian Values that form the bedrock of our nation and provide us with Divine Security - merits their attention.

September 13, 2002 A poorly-constructed website calling itself "Operation: Objective Landover Baptist Shutdown" created by someone calling himself "Rev. Jorge Pitaki" has "declared war" on our site in the name of "free speech". Do not be deceived - this is nothing but a front organization of Americhrist Ltd. that seeks to further their smear campaign against good Christians that stand up to Landover's hatespeech. We are investigating legal action against their infringing use of our name.

April 26, 2002 This page now focuses on our progress in shuting down Landover. General site news can now be found here. Older, unrelated entries have been moved there.

April 6, 2002 Our trademark violation case against Landover has just gained strength with the revelation that Jerry Falwell is also pursuing a similar case before the WIPO. (His complaint was filed in November, but the WIPO is a secretive, nearly clandestine organization and we only just now learned that Falwell's representatives were in the same building with ours.) Falwell, who founded the Christian Liberty University that expelled Chris Harper for anti-Christian hatespeech, is being targeted by an anti-Christian hatemonger who has created a "parody" site that is nothing but a vicious, hateful attack. This hatesite is using a domain name similar to Falwell's in order to trick unsuspecting non-Christians into reading their yellow e-journalism. (We have to wonder if the similarity of this tactic with that of the previously mentioned White House domain hijacking might implicate Americhrist Ltd. in this hatecrime as well - Mr. Harper does have a motive to get back at Falwell.) With this additional action by Falwell, it is becoming clear that the wholesale attack on Christians on the Internet is entering a new phase in which the hatemongers will be on the defensive. Sorry Atheists, but your bitter party is coming to an end.

March 28, 2002 Since many of you are emailing us to ask what happened yesterday, I thought I would give a brief explanation as it will illustrate what we are doing behind the scenes to rid the Internet of anti-Christian hatespeech. Yesterday, at an emergency hearing before the WIPO, our second request for temporary injunction against the landoverbaptist.org domain name (due to religious trademark violations) was granted. We suspect that the new evidence of Americhrist Ltd.'s hacking of the whitehouse.org domain name convinced the WIPO arbiters of the evil intentions of Chris Harper and his chums. This time, as part of the injunction agreement, the landoverbaptist.org domain name was made to redirect to the OBJECTIVE: Ministries site.

While we felt that justice was served by this outcome, it unfortunately did not last. It seems that the sway of Americhrist Ltd.'s hate is greater in Geneva than we had realized, as they were again somehow able to convince the WIPO panel - which contains a few prominent Atheist members - to revert the domain back to their control.

But fear not, our agents in Europe will continue to press our case through the labyrinthine legal channels of the WIPO, regardless of the opposition they may face. Meanwhile, we are also investigating other means at home: we are in contact with our legal teams about the use of the DMCA to have Landover delisted from major Internet search engines, limiting the damage Mr. Harper can do to innocent people searching the web (Landover currently comes in third for "Baptist" on the popular search engine Google, no doubt due to "Googlebombing" by their hackers). Stay tuned, and remember to pray for our cause.

March 26, 2002 A good Christian emailed to inform us about another despicable act being committed by the scoundrels behind Landover. If one goes to www.whitehouse.org one might think that they have entered the official website of the Presidency. In fact, this is yet another disinfomational ruse created by Americhrist Ltd.! This can be confirmed by looking at the side bar where Landover is claimed to be "powering" the "Department of Faith". According to our computer expert, Chris Harper and his goons have somehow managed to hack into the "domain name system" and redirect traffic from the whitehouse.org address to their own site. While the official White House website is still accessible via the government run domain system (which no doubt has better security in place), this act of sabotage will trick - and is obviously designed to trick - many unsuspecting Americans into believing the anti-Christian (and also apparently anti-American) propaganda planted there. This agitprop (propaganda designed to agitate a people to create social disorder, a technique made popular by the Communists) just further proves that Americhrist Ltd. wants nothing less than to destroy our society. First it was anti-Christian hatespeech, now wanton attacks on our civil institutions. We urge all freedom loving and patriotic Christians to join us in protesting this hatecrime against America.

March 12, 2002 We have added a Frequently Asked Questions page to dispel some of the misconceptions that Americhrist Ltd. has been spreading about our cause.

October 31, 2001 We have managed to get a court ordered injunction to have the Landover site shutdown temporarily while we pursue our claim before the WIPO. We are seeking to have the landoverbaptist.org domain name revoked due to illegal use of Baptist intellectual property. We feel that its use by Americhrist Ltd. for the purpose of spreading anti-Christian hatespeech constitutes dilution of the religious trademark. However, the site may be back up soon as we have heard that Chris Harper is pulling strings with Atheists working from the inside of the WIPO.

May 22, 2001 We were disturbed to learn at last Sunday's service that the plague of anti-Christian hatespeech has spread to Northern Europe (presumably to evade American law). OBJECTIVE: Ministries member Fred Hoskins brought to our attention an anti-Christian website written in Scandinavian called Svevende Ord Bibelsenter [not to be viewed by Scandanavian speakers under 21] which we think means "Floating Word Bible Center" (our investigators are still working on translating the site, however what they have thus far translated has made it clear that this site is in need of immediate Christian attention). Much like Landover, Svevende Ord Bibelsenter claims to be a Christian site, but is really spreading anti-Christian propaganda and mockery in an attempt to fool the unsaved into rejecting Salvation. In fact, Fred Hoskins, who learned of the site while ministering to troubled youths in an Internet chat room, says that the two Scandinavian teens who told him about it called it "the Scandinavian Landover". Clearly this site was inspired by Americhrist Ltd.'s work and illustrates our position that Landover will lead to more anti-Christian bigotry.

We encourage the Christians of Scandinavia to reject the Harperian message of hate that this site appears to be sending and to help the unsaved in their nation to avoid being tricked by it. We at OBJECTIVE: Ministries will help you in any attempts to get this villiany shut down. (For an example of what a real Scandinavian Bible Center website looks like, visit Levende Ord Bible Center.)

The old Kyle Goldman
Former Manson-worshiping teen Kyle Goldman (pictured making Satanic hand gesture) before his acceptance of Christ as his Saviour.

June 11, 2000 We have something different for you today. This is progress of a more personal kind. Late breaking news from our friends at South Hill Baptist and our own Fred Hoskins is that Kyle Goldman, who longtime followers of our campaign may know for his attacks on us and the Christian World Organization through his website, has renounced Landover and "Holbyism" and has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. His story will testify to all that the power of the Love of our Lord can - and will - overcome the hatred that Chris Harper wishes to spread.

Kyle started out hating Christians; he was taught to by the secular media. He counted among his role models such blatantly anti-Christians scoundrels as Satan-rocker Marilyn Manson and pro-wrestler-turned-governer Jesse Ventura. Eventually his errant path led him to that foul creation of Chris Harper - Landover. Though his mind was twisted by atheist rhetoric, Kyle still had some sense of a need to do good deeds and so misplaced his innate charitable drive in the cause of defending Americhrist Ltd.'s vile spew. He even went so low as to create a website where he vaunted Landover while hurling insult and slander at those who bravely stand up to anti-Christian hatespeech. While it sounds like Kyle was lost at this point, what happened next just goes to show that the Lord truly does move in mysterious ways; because through an anti-Christian propaganda mill Kyle Goldman was introduced to the Love of our Lord, Jesus Christ...

The rest of Kyle's story can be read in his own words on his newly Christianized website. Once again, the power of Christ to move the heart of even the most lost soul is evident. Praise the Lord! (And Mr. Harper, He's coming for you next!)

Atheist protester
Atheist protester disrupts FBC meeting on tithe reform.

June 10, 2000 The Fellowship Baptist Convention wrapped up the more secular part of its agenda today, all that's left is tomorrow's services. Unfortunately, not much was accomplished yesterday as meetings were disrupted by protests from militant Liberals and Atheists. The protesters were apparently angry at God and at the FBC's calls for an end to anti-Christian hatecrimes. They were very vocal in their yelling of hateful slurs and obscenities at arriving attendees but we were able to drown them out with Bible readings amplified over a few bullhorns from the fourth floor breakroom windows. Although the protests held in front of the Smithe Memorial Convention Center were very ugly and obscenely anti-Christian, the really agenda-stopping disruptions came from the protesters who managed to get past security and infiltrate our meetings, where they held up signs and chanted atheistic slogans. Most of the day was wasted routing out these vermin from the convention halls and making sure they couldn't sneak back in. However, we were able to make up for lost time today by skipping the customary brunches, luncheons, and snack breaks and getting right down to business. I'm glad to report that the protesters' efforts were in vain and we accomplished all we set out to (aside from a few meetings that are still ongoing as of this writing).

June 9, 2000 Yesterday, the FBC committee on legal affairs met to discuss options for bringing suit against Americhrist Ltd. and Chris Harper. Gerald L. Blimsley, better known as the "Christian Alan Dershowitz" and author of The New Testament: The Pinnacle of Law in Human Society, was in attendance and promised to lead our Christian legal Dream Team in the next phase of our cause. He also promised to use his connections to enlist the support of the Christian Law Association, the American Center for Law and Justice, and hopefully William Bennett. We predict that Mr. Harper will be running to the ACLU in the coming weeks and suggest that our supporters write preemptive letters of protest to ACLU president, Nadine Strossen.

Al the Anti-Lies Bear, Mark II
Revised prototype of Al (Click to enlarge)

June 8, 2000 We reported yesterday that the FBC subcommittee on merchandising had approved our Al the Anti-Lies Bear promotional beanbag toy design. Unfortunately this decision was overturned later yesterday due to a number of members who have taken issue with the color of Al. Although its regal purple color was chosen to signify the Truth of Christ - who is the King of Kings - apparently the color purple has been appropriated by the homosexual community, with whom it is associated in the popular culture. Since this popular culture - especially the beanbag toy collectors segment - are who we were hoping to outreach to with this witnessing tool, we have no choice but to redesign Al to avoid any confusion. I would like to assure the members of the FBC that had we known of this unfortunate association we would never have submitted the original design. We apologize for any offense this incident may have caused. This time, we've decided to use a less controversial color scheme: a multicolored pattern that evokes the rainbow that marked the end of the Flood, signifying the Truth of the covenant with our Lord.

June 7, 2000 The FBC agenda for Tuesday included an inquest into the North Palm's protest incident. The initial findings point to a deliberate ploy by agents from - or in cahoots with - Americhrist Ltd. to make us look bad and thus disrupt our planned protest of the atheist convention that Chris Harper was to attend shortly later. Unfortunately, it seems that the ploy paid off since that protest was canceled due to questions about the competence of our California branch's leadership. The exact source of the false information is still being sought, but it is thought to be someone working in our local branch. We think we may have a traitor in our midst; let us pray that this lost sheep will come forward to accept our forgiveness.

In other OLBS related news, the FBC subcommittee on merchandising has approved our plans for Al the Anti-Lies Bear and has agreed to place the toy in Fellowship member church giftshops.

June 5, 2000 Our own Fred Hoskins has been appointed Abstinence Czar during Sunday night's emergency FBC meeting. Fred's tireless work with at-risk school children and teenagers through his youth ministry rock band, Zounds!, and his innate ability to reach out to today's youths and make them understand that Christ has a purpose for them are the factors that earned him the position. In his acceptance speech, Fred - a recovering, former member of the homosexual lifestyle who was himself helped to Salvation by the Fellowship Abstinence Ministry - vowed to witness to youths the power of "Christian Love and Clean Living and Rock and Roll". Now that Fred has been appointed, we can finally put the ugliness surrounding the previous Abstinence Czar behind us. Congratulations Skeet!

June 2, 2000 The Fellowship Baptist Convention will convene this coming week. A number of issues related to the Landover situation will be addressed, including: boycotts and other avenues of redress against Landover, the enlisting of wholesome celebrities and community leaders to bring wider attention to the scourge of anti-Christian hate crimes such as those perpetrated by Americhrist Ltd., and an investigation into who fed us false information that led to the North Palms' fiasco. Other issues on the docket will include a vote to extend a further boycott against the Disney Corporation for Dinosaur (their new pro-Evolutionism movie aimed at impressionable children) and the emergency appointment of a new Abstinence Czar.

Al the Anti-Lies Bear
Prototype of Al the Anti-Lies Bear (Click to enlarge)

April 25, 2000 We are in negotiations with a well known Christian toy manufacturer (we cannot reveal the name at this time due to contract obligations) to produce a special beanbag bear to help promote our cause. His name is Al the Anti-Lies Bear! Al stands up for Truth in the face of those that would spread falsehoods and deceive the unsaved. Al is also an Anti-Landover Bear because he knows that Landover wants to replace Christianity with lies. Kids will love to play with Al and Al will love to teach them to reject the hateful and destructive words of deceivers such as Americhrist Ltd. Al comes with his own little copy of the KJV Bible with the following passage in it:

“For many deceivers are entered into the world,
who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

(II John 7)

April 11, 2000 Tax time is fast approaching but it isn't too late to make a deductable donation to OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown. Our crusade-chest continues to grow with donations from Baptist organizations and individual Christians but we need all we can to fight Americhrist Ltd. and their wealthy supporters in the Liberal Media. And remember, the more you render unto us the less you have to render unto Caesar (a.k.a. Bill Clinton). A real win-win deal if you ask us!

April 6, 2000 Our petition drive is successful! We have gathered well over our goal of 500 signatures from concerned Christians who want to see Landover shutdown posthaste. However, we have yet to decide who to send our petition to - we are strongly leaning towards the World Wide Web Consortium, but we are considering other options as well - so in the mean time we will be extending our petition drive for another week. If you haven't yet signed the petition, you have until the end of next week to do so. Let's see if we can get the number of signatures to 1000!

Concerned Christians protest outside what was thought to be the offices of Americhrist Ltd.

March 24, 2000 The California branch of OBJECTIVE: Landover Baptist Shutdown - chiefly made up of members of the North Palms Baptist Church congregation - staged a protest outside what was thought to be the west coast offices of Americhrist Ltd. yesterday. Unfortunately, it appears that our undercover sources were mistaken as to the exact location (or possibly were taken in by more of Chris Harper's deceptions) as the building turned out to be an orthodontist's office. However, members report that the protest was not in vain. Pamphlets were handed out and many good Christians (as well as some non-Christians) were made aware - and were shocked to learn - of the Landover situation. Some even expressed interest in joining our cause as active members. They also report that a couple of young New Agers were successfully witnessed to and will be attending Church this Sunday. Praise the Lord!

March 19, 2000 Member's Area added. Even if you aren't currently a member, please visit.

March 15, 2000 Unfortuanately, Americhrist Ltd.'s campaign of defamation against good Christians is having an effect. A past article by them attacking American Indians in the name of Baptists is causing exactly the sort of anti-Christian hatred among the Indians that Chris Harper expected. For example, here is a web page of an Indian woman who, because of that inflammatory article, now hates all Christians and will probably never seek Salvation. Seeing that something needs to be done fix the damage in the Indian community that Landover has wrought, Pastor Dr. Andrew Miller has called upon the congregation of Mt. Fellowship Baptist and all other good Baptists accross our nation to visit the reservations and minister to the needs - both physical and spiritual - of the Indians. Through our good acts we will witness to them the love of Our Lord and show them - despite what Americhrist Ltd. would have them believe - that Baptists are decent, loving people. (When visiting the reservations, Dr. Miller suggests you bring as gifts canned food and Bibles, not beads and blankets!)

March 6, 2000 Our membership grows! Thanks to the powerful sermon of our Church's pastor, Dr. Andrew Miller, we can now count on the active support of the congregation of Mt. Fellowship Baptist in our struggle to ensure Our Lord's teachings can be spread on our Internet unsullied by anti-Christian propaganda. Dr. Miller has also told me that he will be contacting other pastors via the Baptist Pastor Mailinglist so that more will hear of our cause.

March 4, 2000 As an outreach to our Spanish speaking friends - even those who are Catholic - we have translated this page into Spanish. We hope (esperamos) that you will join us in our struggle to end anti-Christian treachery on our Internet.

March 3, 2000 We are organizing a protest of the Atheist convention that Americhrist Ltd's founder will be speaking at. It will be held outside the Westin San Francisco Airport Hotel on April 21 to 23 (conditions permitting). Join us and show Chris Harper that he can't hide from the good people of Christianity, even in San Francisco! (Be sure to bring picket signs and bag lunches.)

March 1, 2000 It is clear that we've got Landover on the defensive. Just recently, our protests have resulted in them being forced to add a disclaimer on entrance to their site. While this is a victory for our side, it is still not enough. The disclaimer makes no mention of the site's deception (the whole point of our protest), it merely warns away children under 18 - which we all know will only make them all the more desirous to view the site:

“And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil: For thine is the
kingdom, and the power, and the glory,
for ever. Amen.”

(Matthew 6:13)

Please come back often to see what progress we have made.

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