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Anti-Occult Halloween Reclamation

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The Spiritual Warrior Cat

"My daddy, Troy, fights Satan everyday!"

I found Milton as a kitten while infiltrating a local coven of Witches. I rescued him and brought him home, where he has become my constant companion.

Milton likes tuna fish, his little catnip-stuffed toy demon, and helping me uncover Occultic plots in our community. Much like myself, he is always investigating. Milton knows that willful ignorance of the Occult, not curiosity about it, is the real killer.

Milton wants you to know that black cats are God's creatures too! They should not be feared or treated unfairly just because misguided Satanists associate them with demonic forces. They are innocents who need our protection. Never forget all the black cats that have been sacrificed in unholy Occult rituals!

Also, never let an Occultist trick you into believing that black cats are familiars for demons. Every cat is a Familiar for Christ -- their love of fish is a symbol from the Creator that we should love Jesus.

Milton's head

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