Zounds F.A.Q. (Fairly Awesome Questions)

Isn't "Zounds" a curse word?
"Zounds" is old school slang for "God's Wounds." Like, really old school... it's what Shakespeare and his crew would say. You may have heard that it is a curse word, but that's not true. Back in the day, some people jacked "zounds," saying it like it was a curse, just like how the Lord's name is taken in vain and misused today. But there's nothing offensive about the word itself... in fact, it's the exact opposite! It's with God's Wounds that we are Saved, for through those wounds and the suffering that they brought Him, He paid the price for our sins so that we can be reborn anew. By reclaiming "zounds" and using it as our band name, we are lifting up the word and celebrating the Love that it represents. When we shout out "Zounds!" it's not as a curse, but as a praise!
Isn't there another band called Zounds?
We have recently learned that a group of British anarchists from the 1970s had formed a punk-rock band called Zounds. (Their website can be found here, but beware of offensive content.) Presumably they chose the name for the negative connotations mentioned above. They are not very well known in the US, but to avoid confusion in the international market our official name is Zounds Y.R.M.
Is it true that if you play Miracles And The Infinite Radness backwards that it has hidden messages?
Yep, we've confirmed that the CD contains phrases from Ephesians when reversed on a computer... but we didn't put them there!
What's the dealio with the Evanescence CD bonfires?
Evanescence has misled many Christian youths who have purchased their CDs under the belief that they represented good Christian values and supported the Christian music scene. Now that we have learned that the band's members take the Lord's name in vain, use the f-word, and mock Christian music charts, many of those same youths feel betrayed and hurt, and want to purge their collections of Evanescence CDs. We are offering them a safe, controlled environment (both from a fire safety and spiritual perspective,) in which to do so.
Dawg... wuzzup with your 'stache?
There's been some talkin' 'bout my mustache. Some of you think it's a wack dye job, but that's straight up not true. Let me give you the 411 about my 'stache... Back in 1995, when I turned away from my former lifestyle and let Christ into my heart, His transforming power was so totally awesome that my hair turned grey -- almost overnight, no jawsin' -- but my mustache miraculously stayed black! I knew this had to be a sign from God... but what was He tryin' to tell me? After a lot of thinkin' and prayin' I worked it out: ya see, the grey hair represents the wisdom that God has given me with all that I have lived through, and the black hair represents my connection with youth. Since the youthful hair is over my mouth, that means He wants me to speak to the youths! It was then that I knew that God's plan for me was to found a youth ministry, to help guide kids away from the mistakes that I made when I was their age. And that's how Zounds was born!
Howdja get the nickity-nack "Skeet"?
Back in the day, I used to refer to my mustache as "my mosquito," because it was so "fly" (that's how we used to talk back then.) So my "homies" (that's what we used to call our dawgs,) started calling me "Mosquito," which soon became "Skeeter" and ended up being just "Skeet."

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